Modis achieved AWS Lambda Service Delivery recognition

James Bromberger Posted 14 June 2022

Modis, soon to become Akkodis, has recently been awarded the AWS Service Delivery status for the AWS Lambda ServiceAWS Partner AWS Lambda Delivery

AWS Lambda is an event-driven “Serverless compute platform. It provides an evolution in the way organisations consume and manage cloud computing, replacing the virtual-machine-based approach to compute that has been commonplace in the IT industry for many years.  AWS Lambda takes a per-invocation billing model and has a reduced management overhead compared to traditional server-based compute environments. The total cost of operation is drastically reduced, typically by two or three orders of magnitude.

Just days after the AWS Lambda service launch in the AWS Sydney Region in 2016, Modis had production deployments of AWS Lambda-based services for one of its public sector customers – a service that is still operated and maintained by Modis in 2022 on behalf of our customer as a Managed Services Provider. In this time, the average monthly cost of operation has been below US$0.45 per month, much lower than the estimate of the legacy virtual machine approach which would have been around US$60/month for the same service.

AWS Partner Well-Architected Partner Program Logo / BadgeBut cost is not Modis’ only focus on implementing and operating these workloads; while Modis has been recognised by AWS as a Well-Architected partner since 2021, we’ve secretly been adhering to these principles in digital workload design patterns since 2014.

Modis has implemented AWS Lambda based serverless workloads for customers across Mining & Energy sectors, Government, Education, and Transport. Case studies for many serverless projects can be found on the Modis Australia Case Study page.

We thank AWS for this Service Delivery recognition, and continue to focus on our customers problems, and how we can help implement reliable, effective, and innovative digital solutions.

Modis has been an AWS partner since 2013 and provides professional and managed services to Enterprise and Public Sector customers across North America, Europe, Japan and Australia. You can view Modis on the AWS Partner Finder, or find out more on our AWS Practice site.

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PS: We’re always looking for talented and passionate people who wish to join Modis in helping our customers with the realisation of effective digital systems.  If you’re interested in joining one of Australia’s longest and largest AWS Partners, you can read more here.

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