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Modis Posted 05 May 2022

In this rapidly evolving world with high-paced velocity and implementation of new technology capabilities it has never been more important to have strong testing and quality assurance.

According to a recent CISQ report, there are approximately 100+ billion lines of code (LOC) produced worldwide each year, with greater than 25 bugs per 1000 LOC injected on average. With the amount of new code written, the increasing priority of speed/DevOps culture and Digital Transformation programs the increase in the risk of software failures, downtime, loss of revenue amongst others is phenomenal, yet how many companies have increased their Quality Assurance practices, processes, skills and tooling to keep pace?

As an example of when things go wrong, in August 2019, over one hundred British Airways flights were cancelled and nearly three hundred flights delayed. During the busiest month for air travel, their computer system went down completely. Thousands of passengers had to stay behind and wait several hours in overcrowded airports. The check-in procedures had to be switched to manual, which made the queues resemble Dante’s “Inferno.” This was not the first time the system went down. The pattern of software failures over the last couple of years suggests poor computer management and calls for concern.

At Modis, we focus on a well-established approach and methodology to deliver testing services and deliverables, which have been proven in large organisations across several industries including mining, oil and gas, government, finance and insurance to name a few.

The three pillars of the Modis Testing Solutions that enable our customers to increase speed to market and ease the journey towards Smart Industry with confidence, are:

  1. Advisory Services. Our Modis testing experts provide test maturity reviews, documenting health checks and providing a roadmap for improvements, tailored to the customer’s specific journey to provide efficiencies and realise Return on Investment (ROI).
  2. Project Services – specifically Test Automation & DevOps solutions. Our clients can benefit from our partnerships with AI Codeless test automation partners and our Microsoft Partnership to reduce their Cost of Quality, decrease the time taken to execute testing, and increase their speed to market.
  3. Testing Managed Service. At Modis, we look after your demand management, stay on top of market trends for tooling, issue resolution, agreed SLAs, etc. whilst our customers benefit from our fully ISTQB qualified people, partnerships with leading test automation vendors and our industry-proven Testing Governance frameworks & DevOps practice.


As a platinum ISTQB partner, coupled with our partnerships with market-leading software testing tool vendors, we have the skills and capabilities to help you evolve with confidence.

At Modis, we tailor our solution offerings to meet each individual organisation’s needs. Even within the three pillars, we workshop the final solution with key stakeholders to ensure the solution fits their requirements.

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