Re-evaluating careers and the need for upskilling

Modis Posted 28 December 2021

As workers re-evaluate their career prospects, is your company able to retain top talent?

With a shift in working habits due to the COVID-19 pandemic, employee expectations are changing, and so should your efforts to hold on to your key workers. Flexible working conditions and greater opportunity for growth are among the most important factors that employees value. For our latest white paper, “Resetting Normal”, we talked to 14,800 respondents in 25 countries about what they’re looking for in a job moving forward. We’re taking these insights into account and pairing them with the latest technology to make sure our candidates and clients get the best out of the new normal.


Employees are thinking twice about their job prospects because of the drastic changes in their industry. Workers are actively looking for new opportunities and greater flexibility at work, and some are completely re-evaluating their career paths.

  • 41% are moving to or are considering a job with more flexible working options
  • 38% are changing or considering a career change
  • 37% are reducing or thinking about reducing the number of days they work

Employee Expectations

Workers in 2021 and beyond aren’t just interested in attractive salaries. They’re looking for supportive working environments that put their mental health and wellbeing first. Companies should prioritise a healthy work/life balance if they want to attract and retain talent in the future.

  • 80% believe a good work/life balance will be important to them after the pandemic
  • 79% believe feeling trusted to get the job done is important in a job
  • 77% say having job security will be important to them moving forward

Reskilling and Upskilling

Employees all over the country have taken it upon themselves to learn new skills and adopt new technologies as part of their job. They’re now eager for employers to take the initiative and offer more career development opportunities and investment in workers.

  • 66% think they need to gain new skills to stay employable  
  • 62% are taking or considering training, upskilling and reskilling
  • 40% believe their company is assessing their skills and investing in upskilling them

Ask yourself

  • How will your company address evolving worker expectations?
  • Do you have the smart systems in place to meet or even exceed your employees’ wellbeing and career growth needs? 

Your Solution: Modis Academy

Investing in your workforce through upskilling and reskilling is an effective way of retaining talented staff, attracting new professionals, and building a resilient business that’s ready for what the future holds.

By leveraging the Modis Academy, you’ll benefit from industry-leading training programs that accelerate your business development while giving your workers access to career progression opportunities. Modis Academy graduates have the specialised skills your company needs to grow and compete in the new normal.

Modis can offer your workforce leading IT and Engineering training by partnering with education experts. Part-time and on-demand upskilling programs mean that your employees can fit their career development around their work schedule!

What's next?

As employee expectations and needs continue to evolve, companies need to ensure they have the technology and resources in place to make changes to how they attract and retain top talent. Modis is ready to help you effectively develop your workforce while building a company where employees want to work.

To read the full white paper, click here. To learn more about how we can help you outperform your goals and your competition, contact us today.


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