Reconnecting with workers by adopting cognitive technologies

Modis Posted 11 January 2022

Is your technology roadmap equipped to reconnect the disconnect caused by remote working?

Despite people being constantly connected through online and digital platforms, the workforce has become more disconnected than ever. Relationships, motivation, sense of team and company culture are just a few of the factors that have regressed since 2020. Leaders and non-management staff appear to be facing growing divisions, threatening the cohesion of companies all over the country. In our latest white paper, “Resetting Normal”, we asked 14,800 respondents in 25 countries what they think could be done to reconnect the workforce. Here’s a glimpse at those results and insight into how you can use technology to remedy the situation at your company.

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Red flags for leaders

Managers may not be aware of the deteriorating relationship between the workforce and leadership. How non-management staff perceive their leaders should serve as a warning to employers and provide some incentive to start addressing the divide.

  • Only 50% of the workforce say their managers are meeting expectations
  • Only 37% feel their leaders are succeeding at encouraging a good working environment
  • Only 33% of non-managers feel they are getting due recognition for their work


Motivation has also dropped since 2020, with employees expressing more negative views regarding leadership and job satisfaction compared to last year. These figures show an urgent need to reevaluate the approach towards motivation and retention of talented workers.

  • Only 43% of non-managers say they are satisfied with their boss
  • 64% of all respondents say they feel motivated, compared to 77% in 2020
  • Non-managers reported a 12% drop in motivation levels compared to last year

Support for leaders

Managers have had a hard time managing their teams over the last year. Support for managers is crucial if organisations want to unify their workforce and improve employee relationships in the future.

  • 46% of managers have not found managing other people easy over the last year
  • 69% of managers believe companies should provide coaching and mentoring on leadership skills
  • 55% of managers have found onboarding new team members challenging

Ask yourself

  • How will you make sure your employees are motivated and engaged at work in a remote world?
  • Are you leveraging new technologies to help your leaders and employees succeed?

Your Solution: Modis Cognitive Technologies

Technology will play a key role in making sure your company can reconnect with employees, even if they’re working remotely. Modis can help you implement smart solutions to increase employee engagement, upskill workers and leaders, and build a resilient company culture for the future of your hybrid workforce.

Employee Engagement Software

Our experience in improving worker engagement means that we can help you apply effective software solutions that let you keep a finger on the pulse of your company’s workforce. Find out what’s working, what needs to be fixed, and easily find ways of addressing employee pain points and needs.

Tech solutions can also ensure you know how to build your company culture so that you retain employees, attract candidates, and have a proper support system in place during difficult times.

Modis Academy

Help your workforce develop their skills and feel valued at work by partnering with Modis Tech Academy. You’ll benefit from industry-leading training programs that accelerate your business development while giving your workers a chance to grow professionally.

Modis can offer your workforce high-quality training by partnering with professional education experts. Our variety of part-time and on-demand upskilling programs mean that your employees can fit their career development around their work schedule.

What's next?

As remote working and hybrid workforces further establish themselves in the future, maintaining a healthy relationship between employees and leaders will become an even higher priority for companies. By partnering with Modis you’ll be able to retain talent, better understand your workforce, and improve your approach to leadership beyond 2021.  

To read the full white paper, click here. To learn more about how we can help you outperform your goals and your competition, contact us today.


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