Optimise Your Strategy to Attract Top Talent

Posted 10 October 2019

‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ This saying does not only apply for applicants at an interview, but also for companies endeavouring to attract top talent.

Ironically, there exists a vast pool of potential employees searching for the right roles and companies, yet employers struggle to find and attract such talents. What causes this mismatch, and how can we narrow this gap? How can you attract and retain the right talent ? By carefully planning out your company strategy and taking a user-centric approach, you can close this discrepancy and optimise your recruitment process.

The key factors that  candidates look for when searching for a role is the monetary compensation and the company’s brand value. However, with the shift in employment dynamics, incentives have gone beyond these traditional elements. Candidates emphasise the importance of work-life balance and flexibility, as well as placing greater weight on the overall work culture and organisational structure of the company in making their employment decisions. Furthermore, their criteria extend across to societal aspects, highlighting the company’s role in society and the impact it makes to the environment and the wider community.

Mapping out your company’s values and establishing the right culture within the company is an important first-step in attracting and retaining top talent. This is to ensure that your company is true to who you are, and to make sure that you stay committed to your claims and promises. Once consolidating your company culture and policies, it’s a matter of pitching those benefits to the right audience, ensuring that such incentives are clearly communicated to the right talent pool. This can be achieved via various channels, such as through an Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

An EVP is a set of statements that outline the benefits that a company can offer to the employee, in return of their contribution to the business. The EVP shouldn’t be a simple list of all the benefits that you may offer; It should be a well-thought out document that highlights the uniqueness and competitive advantage of your company, with the target audience always in mind. Consult with a range of employees across the different departments of your company, and brainstorm ideas on what you should include in your EVP to attract the talent you need. This will ensure that you consider and see a holistic view of the company, rather than being confined to a certain dimension of the brand.

Additionally, take a creative approach to communicate your EVP and ensure you optimise the user’s experience (UX). Collaborate with a UX designer and continually test and develop your EVP, making sure that your UX approach is kept current and in trend.

Continue to ask questions to challenge your company strategy; Are we using the right language and techniques to attract the desired pool of talents? Are we ensuring that we don’t screen out those that we wish to pull in? For insight and tips on how to answer these questions and to stay ahead amidst the war for talent, read our latest report and start creating a strategy that works for you!

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