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Modis Posted 22 February 2022

Is your technology roadmap ready to build the strong, supportive and connected culture that workers need in hybrid work environments?

At a time when 24/7 connectivity is the norm, the workforce has never felt more disconnected. In our new white paper, “Resetting Normal”, we found perspectives of leaders and non-management are at odds, creating disconnects that pose a major threat to company cohesion. Right now, leaders hold the key to reconnecting people to each other, to their careers and to the overall company purpose. Leaders now shoulder the responsibility to help employees with motivational development and career opportunities. 

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What Are Workers Saying About Disconnection?

  • 74% say it is important for managers to promote and nurture strong team morale and culture
  • 37% of non-managers say their manager is encouraging a good working culture
  • 33% say their manager has met or exceeded expectations in keeping staff contributions visible/recognised in the business
  • 45% of workers feel that they have a good relationship with their manager

Reskilling And Upskilling

Employees all over the country have taken it upon themselves to learn new skills and adopt new technologies as part of their job. They’re now eager for employers to take the initiative and offer more development opportunities and investment to feel a stronger connection to the organisation, their peers and their career.

  • 66% think they need to gain new skills to stay employable 
  • 62% are taking or considering training, upskilling and reskilling
  • 40% believe their company is assessing their skills and investing in upskilling them

Your Solution: Modis Partnership And Tech Academy

Equipping managers with upskilling, coaching, resources and technology will help them better listen to and manage their teams, increase and nurture motivation, and set strong team morale and culture. This is where the Modis Tech Academy comes in. We reskilll and upskill legacy talent to push your organisation towards smart transformation. 

The Skills Gap and Talent Supply Demand

Let’s look at our Talent Supply Demand analysis. We predict the demand for new tech skills will go up but the amount of talent possessing those skills will decrease.

It’s clear, reskilling is imperative for businesses to bridge the gap and build digital capabilities across their in-house workforce.

Transformational Reskilling

Traditional IT/ER&D workforce transforming to new-age digital roles

Evolutionary Reskilling

Traditional Industry job roles acquiring new digital capabilities

By leveraging the Modis Academy, you’ll benefit from industry-leading training programs that accelerate your business development while giving your workers access to career progression opportunities. Modis Academy graduates have the specialised skills your company needs to grow and compete in the new normal.

What’s Next?

Investing in your workforce through upskilling and reskilling is an effective way of reconnecting your employees to their careers, their peers and the overall organisational goals and purpose. Modis Tech Academy drives change by delivering cutting-edge solutions to future proof your organisation’s talent and drive performance. We know you need to pivot and adapt as we reset normal in the workplace. Let's talk about how Modis can be there every step of the way.

To read the full white paper, click here. You can learn more about Modis Tech Academy here.


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