Technology is key to reignite employee retention

Modis Posted 21 December 2021

Is your technology roadmap prepared to address employee job re-evaluation warning signs?

During the last 12 months, people have become more autonomous, agile and proactive, taking it upon themselves to update their skills. This, paired with the demand for more flexibility as in-office work picks up, is an indicator that many workers are ready for change. Media hype around a mass-resignation or a mass worker exodus may be overstated for now, but our new survey featured in our white paper, “Resetting Normal”, shows that these factors are triggering many to re-evaluate working life. Indeed, there are warning signs for companies that suggest the time for organisations to reconnect with their workforce is now.

We asked 14,800 respondents across 25 countries about what they want and expect from their current employer to stay. We’re diving into those results and sharing how technology will play a major part in ensuring a sustainable and engaging workplace for everyone.

The great re-evaluation

Before we address what you can do to stifle a mass exodus, let’s take a look at what workers are currently reporting in terms of job re-evaluation.

  • 41% are thinking about moving or have already moved to a job with more flexible work options
  • 38% are thinking about moving or have already moved to a completely new career
  • 26% are thinking about or have already exited the workforce

What is the most important?

When it comes to priorities in their working life after the pandemic, security, trust, culture, wellbeing and development are most important to workers going forward.

  • WELLBEING: 80% want to maintain good work/life balance
  • JOB SECURITY: 80% want well-established pay/pay scheme
  • TRUST: 79% want to feel as though they are trusted to get their job done while maintaining flex work hours
  • CULTURE: 75% want a role that has a clear sense of purpose
  • DEVELOPMENT: 71% want to have learning and development opportunities

Employee tech needs are changing

In addition to ensuring security, trust, cultural wellbeing and development, employees’ tech needs are changing as well. They want the right infrastructure in place for better productivity, collaboration and connectivity. Workers envision a tech-enabled future, where employers help them optimise their work.

  • 76% expect businesses to provide the right systems and technologies
  • 73% Expect tech that has an increased focus on wellbeing
  • 73% expect updated policies that establish conscious and flexible ways of working
  • 70% expect a clear talent and development strategy to give them skills for the future

Tech investments for the future

Right now companies and leaders are struggling with how to ensure continued engagement. Increased investment in technology and resources will be key to maintaining a connected culture, collaboration, productivity, and overall wellbeing.

  • 66% of the workforce is investing in products or technology
  • 57% workers made changes at home to make remote working easier
  • 72% of execs are increasing investment in tools for virtual collaboration[1]
  • 70% of execs are increasing investments in IT infrastructure[2]

Ask yourself

  • How will your technology roadmap equip your digital transformation journey needed to address the 5 Key Factors workers weigh when deciding to stay or switch jobs?
  • Are you helping workers enhance their engagement and overall experience at your organisation with cloud tech?

Your Solution: Modis Partnership

The new normal is driving fast changes in your organisation and you need to adapt even faster. We hear you! So why not partner with the industry experts as you plan for the future? Modis is ready to help you, your team and your organisation tackle challenges and capitalise on opportunities as your employees re-evaluate their careers.


Employees want to maintain work-life balance to prioritise their health and wellbeing. While this has become more difficult as employees move into hybrid work models, Modis can work with you to develop strategies that leverage artificial intelligence to analyse employee behaviour and help identify when employees might need a break.


With a large percentage of employees stating that pay was a top concern, you need to ensure you have the right partner to evaluate current pay scales. Our extensive network of specialists with technical expertise and deep knowledge in the Smart Industry fields ensures competitive pay that helps retain and attract top tech talent.


Feeling trusted to get the job done while maintaining flexible work hours is an important factor for your employees. Modis Data Analytics services unlock hidden opportunities and insights within your organisation to help improve productivity, craft the right training programs, and increase efficiencies for management.


Do you need to move assets, resources and services to increase employee connectivity and collaboration? Work with experts who prioritise safety and speed and minimise disruptions when we migrate your assets to the cloud.


Your employees consider development and learning opportunities important in their decision to stay or go. Modis’ Tech Academy closes essential skills gaps by delivering cutting-edge upskilling and reskilling to futureproof your organisation’s talent and drive performance.

What's next?

It is increasingly necessary for companies to establish tech resources, processes, and tools to help workers develop resilience and stay engaged. While the change is unavoidable, you don’t have to face it alone. Our global presence, delivery capabilities and expertise provide the full range of technology and engineering resources that you need. We know you will need to pivot and adapt as we reset normal in the workplace. Let's talk about how we can be there every step of the way.

To read the full white paper, click here. To learn more about how we can help you outperform your goals and your competition, contact us today.



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