The Power of Tech Skills

Modis Posted 30 June 2022

If you had the time to read every analysis of the tech sector across the world, you’d find that the phrase “skills shortage” appears time and time again. Tech and IT skills are in high demand pretty much everywhere, which is great news for anyone who has those skills or is looking to acquire them – it means there are lots of opportunities and employers are willing to pay a premium for workers with the skills they need. A good income will obviously be welcome, especially given the rising cost of living, but it’s not the only reason to pursue a career in tech.

Great prospects

From the perspective of an individual working in tech, the industry is as close to recession-proof as any can get. Even though the fortunes of a given subsector may wax and wane over time, the proliferation of new technologies means there is always some part of the market that is growing and there are always some employers that are hiring. Technology market research agency IDC expects the global tech industry to be worth USD 5.3 trillion this year and resume its pre-pandemic pattern of 5-6% year-on-year growth, which will translate to expanding job opportunities. And the skills you’ve learnt in one tech subsector will likely be valuable in any other, giving you a degree of freedom and negotiating power that’s hard to find in other industries.

As much variety as you want to experience

Most people associate the big tech giants with their most famous product (e.g., Google is famous for its search engine and Facebook as a social media site). But the nature of the industry means that these companies are always looking to the next new technology and running projects to make sure they’re ready for the next new opportunity. That’s why Facebook’s parent company Meta was investing in virtual reality long before Mark Zuckerberg announced the company’s Metaverse concept, and why Google owns the world’s leading mobile operating system. And it’s not just the big players – inside any given tech company, you’ll find a varied bunch of projects to get involved in.

But that’s just the start. The tech industry’s reach extends way further than you might think- in this era of digital transformation, every company is a tech company to some degree. Organisations across the economy need coders to develop their apps and sysadmins to run their IT, and there’s a stack of tech-related specialisms across different sectors: manufacturers need artificial intelligence experts to develop the code powering their robotic process automation programmes just as much as videogame developers need them to determine the behaviour of CPU-controlled opponents.

Global reach

Your tech skills won’t just enable you to move between subsectors and projects. They’ll also empower you to live and work almost anywhere across the world. Tech skills shortages can be found everywhere, which means that your tech skills can get you a job in a vast number of countries – often with less demanding visa conditions than for other workers (or in some cases, even visa waivers).

Or, if you prefer, you can use your tech skills to work for yourself. From freelance work to online task marketplaces and self-employment, you’ll find that tech skills open up a whole raft of options. That idea for an app that you don’t know what to do with might just be the key to funding your studies or taking up the digital nomad lifestyle.

Where to begin?

Whether you need to bring your existing tech skills up to date or develop them for the first time, we understand it can seem daunting: the industry moves so fast and there are always new things to learn. Your first step will depend on factors like whether you’re currently in the education system and the amount of free time you have – we know that a college course can be difficult to fit around a busy life.

That’s why we launched the Modis Tech Academy  We’ve joined forces with a range of leading tech industry partners to identify the skills they need and design programmes that empower tech professionals with the skills employers need. By studying with Modis Tech Academy, you’ll gain the tech skills you need, as well as essential soft skills like leadership, public speaking, and teamwork.

As a Modis Tech Academy student, you’ll have access to expert lecturers and immersive programmes and events, giving you the latest knowledge and best practices from every corner of the tech industry. You’ll be learning from the best in the business as you gain your tech certifications, but it doesn’t stop there: our ecosystem is based on the principle of lifelong learning, so we offer continual upskilling opportunities and access to professional networking events.

So, whether you’re thinking of taking your first steps in the tech world, a returning professional looking to brush up your skills, or working in the sector and looking to develop your skill set, we’re confident that Modis Tech Academy will have a programme that suits you. To learn more, get in touch.

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