Utilising smart tech to battle employee burnout

Modis Posted 16 November 2021

Is your technology roadmap ready to battle what could be the new worker pandemic? Mental health is a global and universal issue, spanning all workers, regardless of age or gender.

In our most recent survey featured in our white paper “Resetting Normal”, more employees are saying their mental health has worsened in the last 12 months. This coupled with working hours increasing by 14% since 2020, and 63% of workers saying that they have worked more than 40 hours per week over the last 12 months, it’s not surprising that burnout is highlighted as a cause for concern by almost 40% of the workforce. An even more alarming stat, 54% of young leaders are reporting they are already experiencing burnout.


  • 32% say mental health has worsened in the last 12 months
  • 63% of workers are working more than 40 hours per week
  • 40% of workers say burnout is a concern
  • 54% of young leaders report they are experiencing burnout

Utilising smart tech to battle employee burnout


Nearly 51% of managers said they find it difficult to identify when staff is struggling with being overworked or experiencing burnout. But the good news is, a partner like Modis can step in to ensure you have technology in place to help. The use of smart technologies for employee wellbeing can provide increased visibility into burnout warning indicators. This tech can also generate awareness amongst individuals and leaders to address the issue. Does your business have the right tech in place to help you identify potential employee stress?



Modis’ Smart Ecosystem is a collaborative ecosystem that foresees the combination of 5G, the

Internet of Things, Data Analytics and AI to enable intelligent connectivity. The information collected by the machines, devices and sensors with the use of 5G communication making up the Internet of Things, retrieves data in a more meaningful way

Our comprehensive IoT expertise enables us to offer end-to-end secure commercial-ready IoT solutions. This tech can help individuals understand when they perform

certain tasks best, identify when more of their coworkers are engaged and even help managers begin to see when they are helping to promote employee engagement and when they may be hurting team cohesion.

Our embedded experts offer services to incorporate 5G network qualities into products, services and processes. This means improved document management, collaboration and communication so your employees won’t feel the stressors caused by bad connections or inability to access important info.

Modis Data Analytics services unlock hidden opportunities and insights not only for your customers but also within your organisation. Use insights to improve employee management, productivity, employee retention rates, craft the right training programs, and increase efficiencies for management. If your employees have access to the tools that they feel will help make their jobs easier, you’re likely to increase overall job satisfaction.

Our dedicated Smart Industry Experts enable continuous product development leveraging artificial intelligence. Not only do these services unlock value from your operational data to improve decision making, automate process tasks, and drive productivity but it can also analyse computer behaviours of employees to help identify burnout. If a normally efficient employee becomes slow or unproductive, it might signal they need a break.



It is increasingly necessary for companies to establish processes, resources and tools in order to help workers develop resilience. Are you fully leveraging tech that promotes and supports positive mental health at all levels of the organisation? Reliance on smart tech will drive fast changes and you need to adapt even faster. Why not partner with the industry experts to stand beside you as you plan for the future? Modis is ready to help you, your team and your organisation tackle challenges and capitalise on opportunities during your smart tech journey. 

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