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Posted 07 April 2020

Modis appreciates the current COVID-19 situation is making Business as Usual somewhat precarious. So BAU recruitment processes need to be adapted to keep your plans moving forward under such different circumstances.

As we navigate this period, it is clear there will be an increased number of strong candidates available. Organisations needing top talent will find these people are now more available and can be offered new roles - even during this time.

At Modis, our clients are still developing their teams and progressing with new hires. Our candidates are still being interviewed. We are still conducting reference and work rights checks. Our clients are onboarding new hires and embedding new team members into their organisations. So, what does this process looks like?

Digital tools and technology

Important projects and essential industries are hiring using the great tools and technology available. From Skype or Zoom for interviews to electronic offers and contracts being sent by email and agreed with Docusign or similar, digital and online methods are bringing selected candidates on board. This streamlined process provides a seamless transaction to both the client and candidate.

Similarly, passwords, log ins and IT setup are conducted remotely with work equipment such as laptops and mobile phones being couriered to new starters who are inducted online and via Skype, Microsoft Teams or other technology. These tools are again leveraged to train new team employees or contractors; then to engage and embed them into their team’s new remote work routines.

Morning stand-ups and daily meetings are via a range of technology platforms; teams are connected, and people managed remotely. We are seeing teams engage as well as ever and communicate as effectively as ever. As telehealth has been turbo charged by necessity, so new platforms and processes are being embraced and adopted as the new way of working: technology enabled onboarding of new employees and their engagement as new co-workers in an applied, practical digital culture.

Key talent

Having the best talent on board is as important during a crisis as ever; today’s successful project is tomorrow’s strategic advantage. These key hires make a significant impact on not only the immediate teams and departments but also on the positive perception of the organisation overall. The skills available now will serve your business well into the future.

One thing is certain: this too will pass and when it does those employers who have most positively and pragmatically and reacted to the challenge will be best placed, whatever sector or industry, public or private.

Modis Australia | Infographic - Digital hiring for the new way of working

Modis has adapted its work processes to continue to service our clients, contractors and candidates.We continue to find the best people available today and stand ready to serve all our clients with their resourcing needs during this time; contract or permanent. Please reach out to discuss your requirements and how Modis can assist you to secure the top talent in the market today.Contact us
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