Why do you need a health check?

Posted 01 August 2019

Business processes change. IT systems, platforms, functionality and paradigms change with constant innovation in the sector.

In order to ensure that business processes, insights and data support the business in the way that will maximise value and opportunity to the business, it is recommended to review and assess and your business.

Here at Modis, we can provide this review, assessment and support.  Our carefully designed Health Checks allow our specialist teams to delve into your business and provide actionable recommendations enabling you to optimise cost, mitigate risk and improve quality and performance.

Our health checks relate to various areas of your business and are designed to assist businesses of all sizes.

Application Managed Services

Modis has hundreds of applications under management and we have developed our own methodology to deliver high quality, responsive and cost-effective support services.

We will assess the current state of your portfolio, identify service delivery pain points, risks and issues, and recommend opportunities for service delivery improvement, cost savings and risk reduction.

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Cloud Migration Assessment

Our clients tell us it’s our support of, and experience with, both major clouds, Microsoft Azure and AWS, that’s unique. We will assess your application readiness to migrate to the cloud and identify business and security risks, cost savings, improved scalability and reliability. You will then receive a recommend a tailored transition plan with a high-level design to move your business forward.

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Project Review

A failed project will impact business performance, damage confidence, waste time and result in serious cost blowout. We can assess and identify the current state of your project and highlight any risks. We will then recommend specific actions to turnaround project delivery performance.

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Azure Governance and Security

Our clients gain significant cost savings, a more secure, robust, and scalable cloud platform with our help and expertise. We will assess your cloud infrastructure, identify operational and technical efficiencies and then recommend a tailored report with strategies to optimise costs and utilisation.

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Analytics Enablement

Establishing an analytics practice is complex, but when done correctly it can yield incredible business advantage. We will assess your data, people, process and strategy and then identify your analytics starting point to form the cornerstone of success. We will then recommend key actions to commence or accelerate your analytics journey.

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A Health Check is the start of the journey you can take with Modis.It is important to ensure your business has the correct governance, processes, systems and team members in place. Throughout our Health Checks we can identify areas of reskilling that may be required to arm your people with contemporary and value-adding skills, if required.Find out more about Health Checks
At Modis, we exist to connect people and businesses to the technology, solutions and opportunities they need to thrive in a rapidly advancing world. For more information reach out and speak to one of our team members today.Find out about Modis