Why Young People Should Consider a Career in Tech

Modis Posted 09 June 2022

With their Roadmap to Deliver One Million Jobs, Tech Council Australia has launched an initiative to employ 1 million people in tech roles by 2025 and 1.2 million people by 2030. This will create 742,000 more tech jobs than today – jobs that will need filling.

To reach their 2025 goal, an additional 12,000 students will need to enter the tech sector workforce. And with ample opportunity, young working culture, and higher scores of workplace happiness, the tech industry has a lot of benefits for Australia’s youth. Here’s why:

Tech Has More Opportunities:

7 percent of the Australian population is employed in tech, making it the country’s seventh-largest sector with jobs across every state, city, and town. And with Tech Council Australia’s goals, the tech industry will continue to grow in importance and spread nationwide.

In fact, the tech sector has already been growing exponentially.  Tech is creating employment opportunities at almost twice the average rate of jobs growth across other sectors, with tech sector jobs growing 66 percent between 2005 and 2021 (compared to the average growth rate of 35 percent across other industries). Even during a global pandemic in 2020, where most other sectors reported a decrease in employment, the tech industry grew, adding 65,000 jobs.

This growth despite major economic shrinkage during the pandemic shows how stable the tech industry is. Additionally, tech workers enjoy higher job security as they keep their jobs longer than the Australian average: The rate of people no longer working after 8 years was 4.7 percentage points lower in tech than in comparable high-paying industries, and 6.2 percentage points lower than other industries in the country.

Stability and security in the wake of the pandemic have emerged as major concerns for today’s youth. According to the University of Melbourne’s Youth Research Centre, 95 percent of workers aged 20-27 rank job security of high or very high importance when choosing a job or career. The tech world provides more opportunity, more stability, and more job security –  all great benefits for younger workers just starting their careers.

Tech Workers are Younger than Other Sectors

Young workers will be glad to know that their future tech colleagues will be similar in age to themselves, making for easier team bonding and co-working relationships. In our latest whitepaper, Resetting Normal, we took a closer look at demographics in the tech industry and found that the majority of tech workers are under the age of 40. In fact, 57 percent of tech workers are Millennials and Gen Z, a full 14 percent higher than in other sectors.

And it’s not just entry-level workers that are younger.  Only 27 percent of all tech workers are in non-management positions meaning managers and senior-level employees are more likely to be Millennials or Gen Z. In addition to having a boss closer in age, young people can look forward to reaching senior-level positions much faster than in other industries.

Tech Relies Less on Formal Education

A recent study revealed that 35 percent of Australian teenagers think they lack the education and preparation needed for a career in tech. Luckily this is simply not the case.

42 percent of workers in the tech sector do not hold a degree of any kind, let alone a STEM degree. That means tech is the perfect career for young people to transition into no matter if you have a degree or have a degree that has nothing to do with tech.

This also means that tech opportunities present themselves to the youngest of workers. Major tech companies like IBM are opening up their recruitment to the secondary education level, offering internships and training opportunities to high school students.

Regardless of age, many training opportunities exist to prepare workers for a career in tech. One such is our Modis Tech Academy where candidates gain access to a range of expert lectures, immersive programs, and events that introduce them to the latest knowledge and practices from around the world. They can earn industry certifications while learning from some of the best in the business and growing accustomed to modern professional life in corporate settings, leaving fully prepared for a career in tech.

Tech Workers are Happier than other Sectors

As younger workers are becoming more and more burnt-out, Millennials and Gen Z are valuing job satisfaction more and more. And there’s no better industry than tech.

Our research shows that the majority of tech workers report being more satisfied with their jobs than in other industries. 55 percent said they were happy in their jobs compared to just 42 percent across other industries. Even more tech workers are satisfied with their career prospects, with 59 percent of tech workers reporting career satisfaction (compared to 36 percent in other industries).

Tech Needs Young Workers

Major tech companies are specifically targeting younger workers – and it’s not just because more jobs are opening up. Younger people are more apt to personally take on training and e-learning initiatives, making them the perfect worker for the tech industry where new skills are developed year after year. Not to mention growing up in the 21st century means younger people already come adept at using technology in their daily lives – and find it easier to expand their already existing skills in tech.


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