Your 30 Day Onboarding Guidelines

Posted 24 June 2019

How to recruit and retain your staff

It takes time to get the right hire for your business. Through the advertising, resume reviews, interviews, it is a resource heavy, time consuming task - with an investment that has no guarantee of any rate of return.

There are some simple tips you can introduce when hiring a new employee to ensure you get the right fit.

Avoid overselling the role

In any role, there will be both positives and challenges that the new hire will experience. Be open and honest in what these will be from the onset. This will ensure that you will be launching from a position of trust and confidence and ensures your new hire enters the business with clear understanding with no surprises once they start.

Clarify expectations

Understand your candidate’s expectations are as well as ensuring your candidate has a good grasp of yours. Be frank in terms of what you expect both now and moving forward and hear what they have to say as well.

Get clear on team culture

Your company culture is the heartbeat of your organisation. Invite your preferred candidate to spend some time with another team member to give them a glimpse into what makes your team tick.

Make the offer verbally

Always make the initial offer verbally. The employer-employee relationship doesn’t start the first day on the job, it starts now. Use the conversation to convey your enthusiasm about having them join the team and to ease any nerves they might have.

However, finding the right employee for your workplace is only one step of the process. Once you have the right hire in place, you need to know how to keep them in your business.

Hiring and training a new employee takes considerable time, resources and funds to ensure they stick with the company from the start.  It is important to get it right. With an effective onboarding process, you can create a smooth transition for everyone involved.

It can improve your:

  • New hire retention rate
  • New hire performance
  • Overall team culture
  • Customer satisfaction

Our 2019 Salary Guide Survey uncovered that 30% of businesses indicated that their staff retention rates have gotten worse. Whilst 56% of employees surveyed indicated that they are currently looking for a new role.

The Harvard Business Review found that 33% of new hires look for a job within their first six months and the Wynhurst Group found that 22% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days of employment. 

These are scary stats for a hiring manager but having an onboarding process can eliminate these issues and set up new hires for success.

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So, what makes a good onboarding process?

We have built a 30-day checklist to onboarding new staff members. It’s a handy roadmap which includes the week before your new hire’s employment – as this is a crucial step in ensuring your process is on point.

By the time you reach day 30, you should be confident that your new hire has been given every possible support to help them adapt to their new position. If successful, they will be your newest brand evangelist, working hard to earn your respect while successfully integrating into your company culture.

Grab your copy of our 30-day onboarding checklist, to help structure your new starters in their first month with your organisation.

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