State Law Enforcement Pandemic Control

Daniel Bett Posted 10 May 2022


As the Covid 19 pandemic began, state law enforcement needed a way to track all incoming people into the state (air, sea, rail, road).  These people had to be curated, given directions on what to do and monitored to ensure quarantine compliance.

The solution was designed to process all border control applications into one of Australia's states.  Officers needed to process all applications, give people directions on what they must do for quarantine and then conduct random spot checks to ensure they are complying.

The Challenge

The existing solution was starting to fail, and a new solution had to be implemented immediately as the pandemic was waiting for no one.

The number of applications submitted per day was increasing rapidly and the solution needed to integrate with the G2G Pass application to get a hold of WA border applications instantly and without error.

The Covid 19 situation was continuously emerging, with new outbreaks and events happening randomly across Australia, the solution had to be able to find these groups of people and act on them immediately.

The Objectives

Allow Law Enforcement Officers to process incoming WA border applications with speed and accuracy.  This included easy filtering out of duplicate applications.

Ability to triage, markup and process 1000s of applications daily by some 30 officers at any one time.

Ability to manage the squad cars sent out to check quarantining people were adhering to directions.

Analytics, reporting and monitoring to be in real-time.  This allows emerging situations to handled more effectively.

The Solution

The Border Control Application was built and deployed within 6 working days.  Over the following 6 months of the pandemic the application was extended to handle the pandemic.

The codeless integration layer was built and deployed within 10 working days.  This was built largely on high throughput Logic Apps.  These are low code integration tools in Microsoft’s Azure platform.

The various application queues allowed groups of officers (up to 30) to work on the application at the same time processing 1000s of applications a day throughout the pandemic.

The Result

The agility of Logic Apps is great. We have been able to make key production changes within minutes of being informed. That has been really helpful as we rarely are able to plan changes in the pandemic, we have primarily been reactive.


Microsoft’s cloud-based app development suite allows the 12 technologies used in the border control application to be synergised, governed, and managed in one easy to use application.  Never before have we been able to bring together the best of breed technologies, with low code and deliver it to users anywhere in the world.  Testament to this was the app being deployed in 6 working days, the integration following shortly after within 10 working days.

State Law Enforcement - Helping Control the Pandemic

The Application

State Law Enforcement - Helping Control the Pandemic

We leveraged Dynamics 365 business process flows, MS Teams chat, SharePoint Online attachments, folders and multiple document uploads, Power Apps components for easy creating of nearly all elements on the screen, role-based permissions are used throughout.

State Law Enforcement - Helping Control the PandemicState Law Enforcement - Helping Control the Pandemic

Simple effective connectors like MS Word document create allow the business to control their advice contract templates and keep their business processes up to date as legislation changes without having to involve 3rd party developers.  Scheduling using MS Outlook and Power Apps provides a powerful way to make sure the team is processing requests in the most efficient way possible.

State Law Enforcement - Helping Control the Pandemic

The codeless integration layer is only made possible with Azure’s workflow and integration layer.  We used high throughput Logic Apps, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Service Bus Queues, Cosmos DB and Azure SQL to process some 10 million transactions per month.  This was built with enterprise integration design patterns; it has no lines of Java or code and the first version was deployed within 10 working days.


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