State Utility - Regional Timesheets on Tablets

Daniel Bett Posted 30 June 2022


‘MyTime’ is a solution designed to increase efficiencies across the existing manual payroll process. MyTime removes the need for a Full-time Employee (FTE) from having to manually key timesheets from excel spreadsheets into the payroll system. This manual method was cumbersome, especially due to the large amount of data entry errors that required emails and manual intervention to fix.  Our client had over 100 staff around Western Australia submitting timesheets weekly and needed a foolproof solution to reduce the manual data entry and rework. MyTime uses iPads for staff to submit their timesheets and works together with their back-office browsers to process and approve timesheets for payroll.

The Challenge

Regional internet connections in Western Australia range from Wi-Fi to slow 3G, meaning the solution provided to our client needed to be written to handle slow, low bandwidth connections.

In addition, our client has thousands of work orders that staff need to charge their time to and this change constantly.

Vehicle usage also needs to be tracked for better fleet management and oversight.

In addition, reoccurring employee overtime and expenses mean that the finance team needs to check all hourly rates to ensure employees are being paid correctly

The Objectives

For our client we needed to build a solution that allowed staff to easily submit timesheets using their iPad or browser. Further, cost savings needed to be made by reducing FTE count from reducing the manual data entry process. Our client also needed to have notifications alerts to ensure approvals were made on timesheets swiftly and admins were alerted when other on-prem Line of Business systems failed

Lastly, our client needed a solution that accurately apportioned time, expenses and pay rates to Vehicles, Work Orders and Employees.

The Solution

We developed the ‘MyTime' app which delivers regional iPad timesheet tracking to over 100 employees across regional Western Australia in a modern easy to use interface. MyTime allows approvers, staff, and payroll to work in real time to process and approve timesheets for cost appropriation. Power BI is used to track and report on regional timesheet submission and cost appropriated items like vehicles, overtime, work order billing.

Integration with Ellipse on-prem project management and payroll system is done via APIs through an AWS gateway using OAuth 2.0.

The Result

To date MyTime has successfully processed thousands of weekly timesheets across regional Western Australia.

A full-time resource has been removed from the process as data entry is no longer required and all data changes are done via MyTime.

It’s great to have an app that actually works and saves us time! This app has meant we can redirect 1 full time employ back into the business.

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State Utility - Regional Timesheets on Tablets CASE STUDY | MICROSOFT AZURE | POWER PLATFORM Daniel Bett

Microsoft’s cloud-based app development suite allows some 18 technologies to be synergised, governed, and managed in one easy to use platform. Never have we been able to bring together the best of breed technologies, with low code and deliver it to users anywhere in the world.

State Utility - Regional Timesheets on Tablets CASE STUDY | MICROSOFT AZURE | POWER PLATFORM Daniel Bett

MyTime leverages Dataverse API’s, Custom Connectors with AWS/Ellipse on-prem to deliver regional timesheets to employees. The modern design allows ease of use and the business process automation messages and approves direct to payroll for overtime.

State Utility - Regional Timesheets on Tablets CASE STUDY | MICROSOFT AZURE | POWER PLATFORM Daniel Bett

MyTime utilises in-built office 365 features including chat, email and notifications allowing more focus on bespoke functionality like vehicle appropriation, expenses, overtime variation rates.

State Utility - Regional Timesheets on Tablets CASE STUDY | MICROSOFT AZURE | POWER PLATFORM Daniel Bett

The iPad form factor for staff meant that the design centric time was spent working with users directly to get it right.

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