Supplier Risk Profiling

Dan Bett Posted 22 February 2023


Our customer is one of Australia’s largest Iron Ore producers. They conduct business with around 300,000 suppliers and companies worldwide. Within their business, their Ethics and Compliance (E&C) team were tasked with managing the risk of doing business with these enterprises. The goals were simple, to protect the company and ensure that suppliers they are working with are ethical. Through the profiling of suppliers, we developed various risk rating metrics and continuous monitoring allowing the E&C Team to manage the risk of conducting business with a wide array of suppliers from around the world.

The Challenges

Unifying the organisations approach to due diligence without compromising integrity of risk management. This includes:

•   Creating reliable data points that risk calculations can be made from to give overall risk profiles.
•   Orchestrating data ingress from multiple sources into one central database.
•   Integrating several business applications that contain the source data, including SAP, Global Contract Management System, and an external provider,
•   Ensuring that human intervention is executed at the right time between all the data points and automated risk calculations
•   Collaborating with diverse teams working in various locations and time zones.

The Objective

Create a single application that allows the Ethics & Compliance, Due Diligence and Business Approver teams to manage the risk and process all 300,000 suppliers globally. Including, creating a data model that allows aggregation from SAP, GCMS, ORBIS and Exiger for all company and risk profiling data. This needs to capture and manage some 170 data points used for risk calculations and reporting. This application must also allow internal and external entry points to request company screening for new and existing suppliers as well as create workflows and automation to remove as many of the repetitive tasks as possible.

The Solution

The Third-Party Profile application provides a centralised solution that automates and assesses risk for all 300,000 suppliers in one easy to use tool.

Akkodis used their Power App accelerator to get a head start on the development on components like Chat, Approvals, Workflow Engine, and Navigation Controls. This meant we could deliver the solution a month earlier.

Akkodis built the underlying data model to support the E&C teams reporting requirements, business rules and risk profiling by centralising all data into relational data tables for easy consumption in Power BI and Power Apps.

This project was delivered on time and on budget, producing an app that displays the 170 data points used for the seven main risk calculations in a high fidelity, easy to use interface.

"The app allows us to align the way we approach due diligence and protect the company
Ethics and Compliance manager"


•   A unified approach to due diligence.
•   A single tool that help rectify four disparate and different systems.
•   A tool that brings control of supplier risk back into the business.
•   A tool that is extensible within the E&C team without requiring third party vendors.
•   Automation across one million data points providing huge number crunching processes that give insights that were not possible before.
•   An app that allows the company to protect itself from unethical suppliers and the associated risk



• Azure SQL
• Stored Procedure
• Office 365
• SharePoint Online SPO
• Teams

• Power Platform
• Data Gateways
• Environment
• Power Apps
• Power Apps Canvas

• Components
• Power Automate
• Power BI Desktop
• Solutions


Using the Microsoft Power Platform, the Third-Party Profile application brings together data from many on prem sources and allows the team to streamline risk profiling and maintain strict standards around supplier engagement.

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