Modis, soon to become Akkodis achieves AWS Security Competency and hits key milestone with 200+ AWS Certifications

Modis Posted 26 August 2022

Sydney, Australia — August 22, 2022 — Modis, soon to become Akkodis, has been recognised by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its continued Security Engineering of its customer’s cloud solution implementations, with the awarding of the AWS Security Consulting Services Competency. This achievement follows the key milestone of over 200+ AWS Certifications held by our dedicated consultants.

With 200+ AWS certifications held by Modis consultants, and the award of the AWS Security Competency as well as being recognised as an AWS Lambda Service Delivery partner it has been a successfully busy period for Modis expanding its AWS Cloud consulting services practice, both domestically in Australia, and across the world.

An AWS Partner since 2013, Modis has been implementing AWS Cloud-based services for its Enterprise and Public Sector customers across Australia for over a decade. With our AWS-certified staff continually upskilling and improving, and senior engineers who participate in the AWS Partner Ambassador program, the AWS Certification Subject Matter Experts program, and Authorised Instructor Champions, Modis delivers a capability that helps drive insight and innovation.

Modis is an Advanced Tier consulting partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS), with recognition as a Government Competency Partner, a Well-Architected Partner, and now as a Security Competency Partner. Modis brings our history of customer domain knowledge to bear with the world’s largest global Public Cloud service provider. Our global team of staff are some of the most experienced AWS engineers in the world, who carry a wide range of AWS certificates, and have many years of advanced deployments on AWS.

James Bromberger, Modis Global Head of AWS Cloud, says “These recent achievements build on nearly a decade of work in this space, and are reflective of the focus on Well-Architected cloud engineering principles, including security, and the validation of capability of the experienced talent that Modis brings to our consulting customers. In Australia, our technically certified engineers hold an average of four AWS certifications each, and worldwide, Modis has consultants participating in the AWS Certification Subject Mater Expert program, contributing questions (items) to the AWS Certification program, helping write the certifications that the industry would like to achieve. And to share this advanced capability, Modis Tech Academy is an Amazon Authorised Training Partner in various countries, delivering AWS training to our customer organisations.”

Peter Hawkins, SVP of Modis Australia, says, “It is fantastic to have some of the most experienced AWS Engineers in the world working for Modis, furthering our ability to provide expertise to businesses globally and continue to provide insights and innovation to our clients.”

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