Modis recognised for AWS CloudFormation Service Delivery

Modis, the Consulting Services arm of the Adecco group, has been recognised by Amazon Web Services, the leader in Public Cloud, for its excellence in delivery around the AWS CloudFormation service.

An Advanced Tier partner, Modis has been recognised now for several service delivery capabilities and competencies on the public cloud as a professional consulting organisation.

With the addition of the CloudFormation service delivery badge, this makes a total of seven service delivery and competency distinctions that Modis has achieved with AWS, and the Modis team continues to achieve more.


AWS CloudFormation logo

Modis has been delivering IT projects on the public Cloud in Australia since 2013 to commercial and public sector customers and has projects that have been in continual DevOps pipelines for over half a decade, with the CloudFormation capability at its core.

DevOps is a key capability – an accelerator for digital transformation, and a cultural and organisational shift for many organisations. It’s what underpins “full stack maintenance and operations” as a managed services provider with minimal constraints and overheads.

The CloudFormation service delivery badge was awarded to Modis in 2020.


AWS CloudFront logo

Most modern business applications are web based, and our experience has been recognised with this badge for excellence in deploying Amazon CloudFront since mid-2017.

Web based security and acceleration is an art; often overlooked by many service providers (just test their own services with public services like SSLLabs, SecurityHeaders, Mozilla Observatory or Hardenize). Modis staff have been running CloudFront distributions serving terabytes of traffic per day around the world.

Relational Database Service

Amazon RDS logo

Databases sit at the core of so many applications, and since mid 2017 we’ve bene recognised for excellence in use the managed Relational Database Service. It’s a key component, and we’ve had years of keeping RDS based services well maintained as part of our operational experience and BAU activities, with minimal overhead.


Amazon DynamoDB Logo

NoSQL may seem unusual to hose only familiar with traditional relational databases, but for the right use case, its extremely powerful, and since mid-2017 Modis has held his service delivery badge.

Database Migration Service

AWS Database Migration Services logo

Data has gravity, and the ability to move key databases into the cloud is something that Modis has had expertise in that culminated in this badge being awarded back in mid 2017. With it is a once of migration, including between database engine types (such as oracle to PostgreSQL), or a continual data flow to keep in sync, we have experience beyond what you’d expect (we were on the beta program and helped shape this service in its formative years!).

AWS Public Sector Program and AWS Government Competency

AWS Government Competency - Public Sector logo

Public Sector customers form a large part of our customers across the world. Having entered the ASW Public Sector program in early 2017, Modis then was assessed in 2019 and confirmed as a Government Competency partner. Then again, Modis has been working with public sector for some 25 years.

AWS Cloud Practice

The Modis AWS cloud practice can be found at

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