Modis signs on to the Male Champions of Change Microsoft Partners Group

Posted 24 August 2020

Modis has signed on to the Male Champions of Change Microsoft Partners Group to use our leadership to elevate gender equality as an issue of social and economic importance.

Our Managing Director, Rafael Moyano represents Modis and alongside other leaders in the technology industry, will strive towards greater inclusion in our own workplace and in all workplaces.

As a Microsoft partner, we are proud to have joined the group which brings together technology business leaders who are committed to achieving gender equality in the sector, and to find innovative ways to lower entry barriers for women who are entering the tech industry. The Microsoft Partners group includes CEOs and Managing Directors of Microsoft’s largest partners who have all committed their time and investment to the group.

While gender diversity has slowly improved in the tech sector, we still have a way to go before we achieve equality. There remains an 18% gender pay gap in technology occupations and women currently make up just 29% of Australia’s technology workforce. To help address these issues the Microsoft Partners group is fast-tracking three priority areas;

  1. Embedding flexibility in all workplaces, and all roles, for any reason;
  2. Developing new and innovative approaches to attracting and retaining women in the tech sector, and
  3. Leveraging equality and inclusion to encourage successful transformation.

Modis is truly committed to making the future work for everyone and increasing the diversity across both our business and helping others do the same. We understand that talent and potential come from every section of society, regardless of gender, race, age or physical ability. That’s why we celebrate inclusion and champion Equal Opportunities.

Rachel Bondi, Chief Partner Officer, Microsoft Australia and Co-Chair of the Male Champions of Change (MCC) Microsoft Partner Group said that the group’s formation was critically important given the challenges women were facing during the COVID-19 crisis.

As more of our partners come on board, the conversation regarding the importance of tech sector diversity and inclusion will be amplified; new programs to encourage women into the sector will emerge; capability will improve and corporate cultures will become more inclusive. Together we can strive for gender equality across our industry and serve as a diversity beacon for other sectors of the economy.

Rachel BondiChief Partner Officer | Microsoft Australia and Co-Chair of the Male Champions of Change (MCC) Microsoft Partner GroupTweet this
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