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Industrial automation

As one of the key drivers of Industry 4.0, industrial automation is a broad field of work that covers the technologies and processes that make industrial and production processes smart. Control technology, a subdomain of industrial automation, focuses on the design, programming and maintenance of hardware and software used to operate technical installations, machines and devices. Modis industrial automation engineers develop solutions for superior industrial processes and assist with all aspects of hardware and software design and implementation, including documentation, support and standardization.

Comprehensive, flexible, skilled support

Our USP's

  • We offer multidisciplinary expertise in automation hardware and software development for all industrial domains.
  • We operate global in regional offices in Belgium.

Service overview

  • Industrial automation software development and support solutions
    Modis automation software engineers are specialized in the design and programming of industrial automation hardware and software. We also provide support in documentation, commissioning and project supervision, as well as in the integration, standardization and implementation of new automation systems.

Our experts

You can count on professional support from experts that share our values of trust, close cooperation and excellence.

Supporting IT Tools

Our experts are fluent in all industrial automation software and hardware design and programming tools available – and many extras.

We have experience in E-plan, EICAD, AutoCAD, Engineering Base and SEE-Electric.