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Installation technology

The overarching goal of installation technology specializations is to improve building usability and safety, and to contribute to even greater human well-being. The building installation technology domain combines a broad range of installations to create a complete, multilayer, technical and functional whole. The multidisciplinary Modis team of installation technology experts is skilled in the design and implementation of heating, ventilation, utility, cooling and water management installations within the residential and industrial building sections. We can help your business ensure the smooth construction of a functional space that fulfils its purpose to the utmost.

Comprehensive, flexible, skilled support

Our USP's

  • Our installation technology experts are skilled not only in new construction, but in transformation, renovation and sustainability projects as well.
  • We offer multidisciplinary expertise in every installation project phase, in all construction sectors.
  • We operate global in regional offices in Belgium.


Service overview

  • Complete service offering for building installation projects
    Our team is specialized in advising, designing, drawing, modeling and preparing multidisciplinary installation projects from outline design to complete specification. Our scope of services includes the development of contract drawings, estimations, preparation of works and construction supervision.

Our experts

You can count on professional support from experts that share our values of trust, close cooperation and excellence.

Supporting IT Tools

Our engineers are fluent in all the standard building engineering and installation design tools available – and many extras.

We have experience in BIM 360 Collaboration, Revit MEP, Navisworks, Solibri, Dynimo, Vabi UO and Elements, Bink and AutoCAD, including relevant sub-applications.