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Businesses of all shapes and sizes are facing digital-age changes. New customer demands, novel collaboration tools and innovations like machine-learning and predictive analytics will have big impacts on your IT landscape and the way you work. Harness the differentiating power of these new technologies with the help of the Modis IT staffing and consulting recruitment team. No matter the skillsets your industry, business case or project requires, our global community gives us access to the experienced professionals that can help you succeed.

The right people and the right way of working in the digital era

Disruption is a good thing

The term ‘disruption’ is often used in a negative context, but it also has powerfully positive effects on every industry. It enables greater efficiency. It allows us to collaborate across boundaries we’ve never crossed before. It empowers new business models. Disruption is the force that leads to operational excellence, continuous improvement and novel ways of thinking.

As a global leader in IT staffing and consulting solutions, Modis is perfectly positioned to help guide your business through this increasingly digital landscape.

Experts with impact

We carry out this mission by providing the skills and expertise your company needs to accomplish every kind of IT project, from one-off implementations and support to complete end-to-end business transformation. We can count on the expertise of hundreds of professionals fluent in:

  • C-level IT leadership
  • All major technology platforms and vendors
  • Agile/lean methodologies
  • Specific programming languages and development tools
  • Niche domains and industries
  • AI and machine learning

Our expertise

No matter your requirements, we can deliver the experts you need across a wide range of industries.

Consulting and professional staffing

We can provide your business with a consultant with the right skills, the right level of expertise and the right mindset for your unique challenge.

  • Executive search
  • Permanent placement
  • Temporary staffing
  • International sourcing
  • Consulting

Project Services

If you need more than one professional, we can provide a team of multiskilled experts that can be fully integrated into your business. We manage our services through SLAs and KPIs, ensuring operational excellence from project kick-off to delivery.

Outsourcing and managed services

Your challenge is our challenge – and the risk is all on us. We can deploy a defined portfolio of services and solutions at a fixed price, and with a guaranteed outcome. This makes it easier for you to focus on your core business – while leaving the risks in our capable hands.


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Local expertise on a global scale

No matter where your business is located, we can bring you talent solutions that respond to your specific needs. Our global network of locally based experts gives you the best of both worlds: large scale and on-the-ground specialization.

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