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Patient care

New technologies may make it easier for scientists and medical professionals to automate specific tasks, but excellent patient care is more important than ever. Our team of medical and scientific professionals offer specific expertise in healthcare and clinical trials. We also have over a decade of experience in finding the right people to provide excellent care in hospitals, rest homes, home care settings, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, pharmacies, laboratories and more.

Comprehensive, flexible, skilled support

Service overview

  • Executive search

    We recruit for executive positions in healthcare.

  • Recruitment and selection

    We recruit, screen and select specialized medical and scientific profiles.

  • Project-based nursing

    Our team of skilled nurses is ready to take on new challenges within your business or institute.

  • Profile contracting for clinical trials

    We source medical and scientific profiles within the domain of clinical research for contracting or project-based work.

  • Training, testing and assessment

    Our experienced professionals train internal and external staff and stakeholders and perform testing and assessment activities.

Our experts

You can count on professional support from expert that share our values of trust, close cooperation and excellence.

  • Medical doctors
  • Medical directors
  • Rest home directors
  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses (study, specialized, general, head and cadre)
  • Biomedical lab technicians

Target markets

From biotech to hospital and care centers, Modis offers you the specialisms that your business case requires.

  • Biotechnology
  • Pharma
  • Medical devices
  • Diagnostics
  • Hospitals
  • Rest homes
  • Medical centers
  • Home care
  • Clinical trial centers

Modis helps top pharma company decrease deviation rates

Client core business

The client is among the top five pharmaceutical firms in the world.

How Modis added value

The company asked us to recruit experts for their Phase 1 trial unit, because they were experiencing high protocol deviation rates.

Our team enhanced the client’s organizational chart by creating new positions and developing new assessments. We also recruited for new roles. As a result, the deviation rate decreased by 50%.

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Prominent Belgian rest home group gets a staffing boost with Modis

Client core business

This client is among the top 4 rest home groups in Belgium.

How Modis added value

The company sought a nurse qualified in elderly care to decrease the current team’s workload. We immediately provided an experienced project nurse and identified the perfect long-term candidate. As a result, the company continued its activities without interruption and the team’s workload decreased significantly.

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