Aeronautics, Space, Chemicals & Manufacturing Center

Zaltbommel, The Netherlands

Expertise: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Automation and Piping
Country: The Netherlands
City: Zaltbommel

The Modis Engineering Center of Excellence in Rotterdam has been a leading expert in the design, calculation and drawing of buildings, utilities, building related electrotechnical and mechanical installations, industrial automation, and mechanical engineering and control, for over forty years.

Our team of a hundred specialists can work on-site at on the request of our clients and partners, or at our own engineering facility in Rotterdam. We provide 40 workspaces on this location, and work with our own proprietary hard- and software, projectmanagement methods and systems.

Within the Industrial department (Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Automation and Piping), our center is specialized in the development of constructions, machines, and machine controls.We get involved at all stages of the project, from taking inventory, to building prototypes and and overseeing the FAT/SAT on-site for industries like:

  • Food industry
  • Product handling and transport
  • Packaging
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Off/Onshore installations
  • Shipyard industry
  • Water treatment installations

Examples of projects:

  • Development and realization of production lines for products including carpet tiles, E-cigarettes and candy
  • Design and realization of rides for theme parks
  • Engineering of production lines for industrial bakery’s
  • Development of product handling and transport systems for many different industries
  • Development of packaging lines for products in diverse industries like the automotive and the food industry
  • Design of boats used for the upkeep of inland waters and the improvement of drainage in dutch polders
  • Design of machines used to build hybrid playing fields

We are partners for: specialist engineers, installers, hard- and software companies, the energy sector, water companies, project managers, multinationals, production companies and plants, shipping facilities, assembly plants, handling, SME.

Our construction department consists of Mechanical, Electrical and Construction Engineering. We are experts these fields, as well as in providing professional support in the design, modeling, detailing and execution of multidisciplinary construction projects.

We can provide support in designing, drawing, modeling and preparing building related electrotechnical projects and technical installations. We can also consult on innovating or improving the sustainability of existing installations. From the design to a complete schedule of conditions, including blueprints and overseeing the construction.

We work on many different projects with our enthusiastic engineers. For instance:

  • Hospitals;
  • Laboratories;
  • Utility buildings;
  • Barracks;
  • Logistical hubs;
  • Luxury mansions;
  • Appartement buildings;
  • Offices;
  • Amusement- and, themeparks.

Examples of projects:

  • Detail-engineering and modeling electrotechnical en mechanical site-bound installations in a multifunctional community centre
  • Detail-engineering and modeling electrotechnical en mechanical site-bound installations for appartement buildings, including a commercial strip and underground parking
  • Detail-engineering and modeling electrotechnical en mechanical site-bound installations for a newly built sports stadium
  • Modeling electrotechnical en mechanical site-bound installations for newly built offices and a (chemical) production plant
  • Advice on site-bound mechanical installations to transition a church to a daycare facility
  • Designing, calculating and drawing site-bound mechanical installations for barracks.
  • Designing, calculating and modeling site-bound electrotechnical and mechanical installations to remodel a consortium of schools
  • Designing, calculating, drawing and supervising the construction of site-bound mechanical installations during the renovation of a swimming pool
  • Consultancy and support during the implementation of 3Dwork processes at a mechanical installer

We are partners for: architects, advisers, installers, project managers, multinationals, foremen, SME, hospitals, healthcare facilities, government and quasi-government entities

Onsite expertise

Electrical Design & Engineering

  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality Control with experts from QC Inspectors to QC Managers

Work preparation & Planning

Mechanical Design & Engineering

Project Management

Technologies deployed

Mechanical Design

  • Solidworks, Unigraphics NX, CAD, CAE

 Electrical Design

  •  Solidworks, Catia, CiruitWorks, EPLAN

 Project Management & QA

  • SAP, PrimaVera, MS Projects, RootCause

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