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A blueprint to become a (more) data-driven organisation

Eva Vergucht Posted 06 July 2020

The importance of data to modern enterprises can no longer be questioned. The amount of data that organizations capture, store, and transform continues to grow at a stunning speed. In an age of data, suddenly, every organisation is a data organisation. Although the transformational limits of data are practically endless, most companies still struggle to fully realize the potential of their data. So how do you transform into a (more) data-driven organization and become more data-enabled?

Recently Tableau, a leading modern BI (Business Intelligence) & Visualisation technology provider, introduced a blueprint schema for organisations to become more data-driven. Both organisations that are new to modern business intelligence, as well as data-driven companies can use the blueprint as a starting point to take and scale their data practices to the next level. The blueprint provides concrete plans, recommendations, and guidelines across critical pathways, gathered from best practices from thousands of customers.

The blueprint starts from a proven, repeatable process with discrete steps:

  • Discovery phase: information is gathered from all relevant sponsors and stakeholders about their current and requested use of data analytics.
  • Governance phase: the business processes, roles and responsibilities are defined, allowing to provide the relevant data to the target audience.
  • Deployment phase: an iterative approach is applied to ultimately install the designed solution, taking appropriate training and communication into account.
  • Evolvement phase: the designed solution is monitored in terms of usage. Concrete plans and activities are rolled out to ultimately boost the use of data analytics.

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At Modis we realize the value of data and empower both our clients and internal users to make better decisions. Independent of the selected BI-tool, we help organisations in transforming towards a data-driven organisation by helping them at every step of the process. Our experienced project managers and trained consultants provide help in setting up and implementing the analytics strategy in an end-to-end fashion, from the conceptual phase to technical implementation.

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