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A focus on the COVID-19 workforce project nurses

Posted 19 May 2020

Over the past couple of weeks our project nurses have become real heroes in the fight against COVID-19. All the caregivers in the world are working extremely hard to help patients affected with this virus. We want our project nurses to tell their side of the story. In this article the spotlight is directed towards them to thank them for all the hard work they are doing. The marketing department contacted the project nurses Katarzyna, Tina, Laurent, Elnaz and Julien for their insights.

Good morning

Many people ask themselves what it must be like to go to work every day facing difficult situations. COVID-19 is a case of an extremely difficult situation, especially for the healthcare personnel. It is something that our generation has never experienced before. While a lot of people can work from home, caregivers and in specific our project nurses, need to be brave and fight the storm. They have many responsibilities and they need to follow countless rules and restrictions to ensure their safety and the safety of their loved ones. Every morning, they have a fixed routine while getting dressed. Protection is extremely important. A protective suit with a hood, an extra apron, 2 pairs of gloves, a mask, protective eyewear or a screen and clogs is the standard uniform of a project nurse working with COVID-19 patients.

“It is very important to go to the toilet before you get dressed because you can only go to the toilet once a day and that’s at lunch”, says Tina, who has worked for a month on a COVID-19 geriatric department.

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While everybody else was worrying on how their lives would look like in the coming weeks, the project nurses worried about if there would be enough protection and medication. They were scared for the same scenarios that were happening in Italy. But teamwork makes the dream work. They can count on a lot of support from inside the hospital, as well as from the outside.

“Teamwork plays a very important role, we need to be able to support and build on each other. We had to quickly train all the nurses in the specific care of the patients. They were a great help because without them we would not have been able to do it,” says Laurent, who works at the COVID-19 intensive care unit.

The wonders of technology

When we are deprived of social contact, we depend on technology. It is amazing how connected we can be with each other without seeing them in person. That advanced technology has been key for patients and our project nurses. It is the only way for COVID-19 patients to stay in contact with friends and family. It is also the only tool that patients and family members can use to say their last goodbyes.

“Because of the technology, we were also able to give the family the chance to say their last goodbyes. It is difficult to imagine, but it is the hard reality,” says Tina.

Positive side to the story

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic will always be associated with a lot of fatalities. We can not forget that the majority of the COVID-19 patients survived. In this time of crisis, there is also a lot of solidarity that connects us all as humans. There are many actions organised for the caregivers such as clapping at 8PM, providing them with warm meals, soup, deserts, fruit and even products that they can use to sooth their faces after wearing protective masks all day. It is that support that gives a caregiver the energy to get out of bed in the morning, face the storm and save the lives of patients.

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