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Dancing behind your desk is music beneficial to our performance or not

Kasper Meyntjens Posted 26 May 2020

In this time of worldwide pandemic – where homeworking has become the norm – we have to adapt to our new work environment: our ‘home office’. Whether this is a neatly organized library, a desk in a bedroom or simply your kitchen table, it is just not the same as “the office” we are/we were used to. This creates new challenges and opportunities, for everyone who is able to work from home. At home we can feel more relaxed because of the familiar environment – or more stressed, because work-related problems now enter our homes.

To feel more relaxed, or perhaps to boost your concentration, you might play some music during working hours. Maybe you forget to turn of the radio after breakfast, maybe you’re trying to soften the sound of your screaming children, or maybe you just want some noise in the background. But does music really have benefits regarding our work? Does it improve our performance, or do we just like to think so? In this article by Zaria Gorvett form the BBC, some of the latest scientific thinking is summarized regarding the pros and cons of listening to music while you work.

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Mozart doesn’t really make us smarter, but his music can increase our performance – albeit temporarily. It all depends on various factors, and obviously these differ for every one of us. While I might relax reviewing budgets with some lounge music in the background, someone else might go crazy because they feel like they are trapped in an elevator. The important thing to remember is: music makes us feel more relaxed, if we like the music we are listening to. If you are performing repetitive tasks, your favorite artist might help to make time pass faster. But choose music that does not have too many lyrics, or songs with lyrics that you already know. That way your brain does not get distracted by the new information it is receiving.

At Modis we try to create a pleasant work environment for all our colleagues. The sight of a colleague wearing headphones in the office is not exceptional. This doesn’t mean we’re not social on the workfloor. Sometimes we’re just very focused.

Article: https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20200317-does-music-help-us-work-it-depends

Kasper Meyntjens
Project Manager Life Sciences

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