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How to switch off during holidays

Deborah Gelfged, Mariken De Ruyck & Els Roesems Posted 03 August 2020

July and August are in full swing and so is your holiday scheme but ... that work project is still lingering in your head. Sounds familiar? Unfortunately, this is a problem many employees struggle with. Here are our tips and tricks to beat that state of mind.

1. Do not start a major project on your last day.

The only thing you can focus on is this assignment and the stress that comes with it. For this reason, it might be a good idea to either decline the request or delegate it to one of your colleagues who will be in the office while you are enjoying your much-deserved time off. If there is a task that needs a follow-up, brief your colleagues about it and provide them with all the necessary information.

2. Refrain from looking at emails and set an ‘out of office’.

Be sure to include an email address where people can send their inquiries or emergencies to in your out of office message. Knowing that people will be helped by one of your colleagues, will ensure that you have some peace of mind so that you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

"Make sure that colleagues and consultants are aware of your absence. That way, you can avoid receiving nonurgent phone calls or emails."

- Els Roesems, Talent Manager Life Sciences

3. Switch off digitally.

Nowadays, people can hardly live without their mobile phone. Emails, phone calls, the latest update on your favorite news app, ... your cell phone is constantly screaming for attention. Limiting your mobile phone use can help you find some peace of mind in this ever-growing digital world. It might even be a good idea to go on a social media hiatus. Just remember that you do not have to be reachable every moment of the day, especially on holiday.

"Disactivate the notifications from emails on your smartphone and enjoy time with your friends & family!"

- Deborah Gelfged, Talent Manager Life Sciences

4. Plan to relax.

Afraid you will get bored during your holiday? Make a list of things you definitely want to do, or tasks you shouldn't forget to do. You can even go as a far as creating schedules for every day of your holiday or finding a completely new hobby.

See below for useful websites to have an exciting #staycation

These tips and tricks are a good start to a peaceful holiday, but do not stop with just these few hacks. Find out what works for you and enjoy your time off to the fullest. Enjoy the summer!

Deborah Gelfged, Mariken De Ruyck & Els Roesems

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