How Veeva helps research sites overcome their technological challenges

How Veeva helps research sites overcome their technological challenges

Thomas Moerman Posted 03 March 2020

Veeva is offering SiteVault Free at no charge to clinical investigational research sites, so that sites can close the technological gap with their sponsors and promote technological engagement even more.

Research sites are under a growing pressure from industry sponsors with hundreds of different applications they must access and interact with on a daily basis. Changes in the market also increase the complexity and diverse nature of studies. Therefore, the need for good document management is apparent.

Own repositories with document management and compliance features, as well as the ability to organize investigator site master files, are a much needed tool. Many sponsor sites are still focusing on collaboration which don’t include compliance nor purpose-built site-centric workflows, document management and site master files.

SiteVault resolves this issue by providing a single eRegulatory System. This helps to standardize the workflows of research sites across all their studies, with capabilities such as electronic signatures, remote monitoring, certified copy workflows, reporting... Through SiteVault, sites have access to a modern cloud solution to streamline trial activities, accelerate clinical research and improve collaboration across sites, sponsors and CROs.

The SiteVault from Veeva comes in 2 versions. A SiteVault Free version, which offers a standardized approach useful for academia and research sites with a tight budget. The second version is the SiteVault Enterprise, which offers more functionality and customization. This can be used by extensive and bigger research sites with needs to capture their own needs in getting to their Investigator Site File.

Thomas Moerman
Project Manager Life Sciences

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