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What’s the best way to give your career a boost?

Posted 02 October 2019

There will be moments in your career when you might feel a bit lost. Most certainly when you’re just starting out, because that’s when you take your first steps on the labour market, full of ambitions, dreams and apprehension (am I right?). ‘Growing’ might be one of your ambitions – but how do you actually do that? Read here how a career partner such as Modis can help you.

Just graduated? As a starter, you’ll have a long to-do list. Plenty of musts and don’ts. Family and friends flood you with good advice. All with the best of intentions, of course, but it won’t be long before you can’t see the wood for the trees. How can you get off to a good start and develop quickly? This is something that only you can do. But having the right career partner at your side can put more wind in your sails.

Luca: “They help you find your own way”

Take Luca Pinchi (24). In secondary school he decided to study electromechanics, because he is passionate about everything technical – from cars to automation in industry to IT. After secondary school he received a training at Syntra to become a network manager, because he thought an IT certificate would help him get off to a good start and open up development opportunities. Seems reasonable. In 2018 he joined Modis as a ‘first liner’.

It was an interesting job. Everything is more or less planned out for you already. That’s why I was looking forward to a new challenge in 2nd line IT support; it’s only here that you actually have the chance to look for problems to solve yourself. This gives you more freedom. No wonder I wanted to move on quickly.”

Rapid progression

#Freedom is a key word in his story. “For me, it is especially important that I can work independently and that I am not completely tied down.” Not that this is for everyone. Luca also thinks that the time you need to develop varies from professional to professional.

The key factors are what you want, what your technical knowledge is and how good you are at troubleshooting.

Was it his ambition to develop quickly? Did he have a career plan mapped out or did it evolve naturally? And how?

"Development was and is one of my ambitions. Even before I actually started working in IT, I wanted to be a System Engineer. I also knew back then that in the IT sector you have to work your way up through the ranks, one by one. Modis gives me effective support and guidance. Ellen, the talent manager, helped me to draw up a training plan. My uncle, who is a freelance IT consultant, also helped me with my plan."


Your bucket list?

My dream is to be a VMware data centre architect because I have always been interested in VMware products.”

Do you think starting at Modis helped you develop as an IT professional?

“For me, there are obvious advantages. Modis helps you as a young pro to find your way and provides the necessary support. You also have the chance to follow relevant training courses.”

Véronique: “Thanks to Modis, I took a different path”

Not only as a starter, but also at a later stage in your career you can stop, think... and take a completely different path. Take Véronique Mouton, for example. She has a Master’s degree in biomedical sciences and was awarded a PhD for her research on the insulin signalling path. After her first job as a project coordinator at SGS, she then wanted to go in the same direction at Modis.

But they thought I would make a great Publication Manager for a large pharmaceutical company, and so I said yes.

It’s no secret – Véronique loves a challenge. She’s been working for Modis for ten years now. For five of those years she was on the publishing team where she took on various responsibilities. It was here that she got to know the publishing profession inside out: what the processes are, how to manage and realise a publication plan in collaboration with five other publication managers.

Turning point

When she stood in for the team leader while she was on maternity leave, something just clicked.

I saw new opportunities for my own career. So I talked to my supervisor about adding business development to my responsibilities – to expand our services and to introduce them to other customers.

Today, as Business Development Manager, I can combine three things that are important to me: contact with others, the opportunity to learn a lot and autonomy. I meet people every day, both from and outside the organisation. I am constantly learning how to find better solutions for my clients and I manage my own schedule.

When you first started, did you have a career plan?

No, I didn’t have a concrete plan. I love a challenge and after a few months as a publication manager at Modis, two things became clear: I didn’t want to move to a pharmaceutical company – I wanted to stay at Modis. And I wanted to help Modis grow further. Modis suggested that I start part-time as a BDM, alongside working part-time with the publishing team. This turned out to be a great ‘way in’ for me.

As a professional, why would you choose Modis?

First and foremost, to manage your career well. Modis offers you a wide range of roles. The talent manager is there to help you make decisions and create your training plan. Modis is also a fast-growing company. It’s always exciting to play a role in such a success story! And the atmosphere is very collegial.

Modis helps you as a young pro to find your way and provides the necessary support. You also have the chance to follow relevant training courses.

Give your career a boost

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