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MODIS Innovation Lab - Virtual Interactive workshop (19 November 2020)

Posted 16 December 2020

Digital Health Innovation Using Wearable Technologies

To anticipate the constantly evolving field of health and health care, Modis has developed an innovation space to incubate ideas via a proof of concept into service innovations. This platform and process is named the ‘Modis Innovation Lab’ and one of the aims is to come to creative and innovative solutions to complex health care challenges. Last month, the Modis Innovation Lab organized a virtual ideation workshop on digital health innovations using wearable technologies. The scene was set by 2 inspiring keynotes (Bert Hartog, J&J - Janssen Clinical Innovation and Julie Nys, Byteflies). All warmed up for the core of the event, the participants actively contributed to one of the parallel interactive workshops. The workshops offered an opportunity for participants to contribute to real-life cases, co-developed with Byteflies, Anacura and one internal case:

  • Byteflies – How can we best shape our pilot launch towards clinical practice?
  • Anacura - What is the added value of implementing the Mental Adaptation Score (MAS) in a preventive HR policy towards chronic stress or burn-out?
  • Modis Stressmaster – How can we successfully integrate a digital coaching function in the #stressmaster study to stimulate sustainable positive lifestyle changes and reduce unnecessary stress?

The participant engagement for all three challenges was huge and facilitated interactive and lively group discussions. Visual data boards were created, and concrete outputs will help the case owners to further develop an action plan on their path to digital health innovation.

Inoovation Lab
Figure: Modis #Stressmaster workshop data board

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The Modis Innovation Lab is very proud to have showcased its approach in all three sessions and to have organized such a successful ideation event in a virtual environment. We are very grateful for the positive feedback we received from some of the participants:

  • “Thank you, Modis Innovation Lab, for organizing this great event and for discussing the challenges in the path towards direct patient value” – July Nys (Byteflies)
  • "Well done! Proud of being part of Modis and this wonderful team! Very interesting topics!" - Mia Van Beneden (Modis)
  • "Congrats to the whole team of Modis. Very professional and inspiring approach. Another high score on the 'net promotor score" – Brecht Buysschaert (Springbok)

The Modis Innovation Lab provides the right tools and mindset to help our clients and partners to develop innovative solutions to complex challenges. Our experimentation approaches have proven to be successful and flexible to best accommodate the needs of each individual case.

Our Innovation Lab consultants and project services can contribute by focusing on these four levers:

  • Capacity building for service innovation and experimenting with digital health solutions
  • Facilitate the incubation of digital health solutions from idea to PoC and support ongoing innovation projects in this domain
  • Co-creation and stakeholder engagement in health innovation projects with the option to participate in PoC projects with clients and partners
  • Shape and support real-world study and patient support programs that make benefit from digital health applications and biomarkers in evidence and outcome of medical therapies

Do you want to know how the Modis Innovation Lab could help in your specific challenges or are you just curious to hear more about this event? Feel free to reach out to our business development team. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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