NEURONET- Efficient networking in Neurodegenerative Disease Research

NEURONET- Efficient networking in Neurodegenerative Disease Research

Manuela Rinaldi Posted 02 September 2019

According to the European Commission, an estimated 165 million Europeans are living with a brain disorder. These include conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis, which are tied to a gradual loss of brain cells. A number of research projects launched by the Innovative Medicines Initiative, Europe's biggest public and private collaboration in life sciences, aim to better understand and develop treatments for these conditions

In March 2019, the NEURONET project was launched. NEURONET aims to set up an efficient platform to boost synergy and collaboration across the IMI projects of the Neurodegenerative Diseases portfolio, assisting in identifying gaps, multiplying its impact, enhancing its visibility and facilitating dovetailing with related initiatives in Europe and worldwide.

The NEURONET project has a budget of EUR 2.3 million distributed across a total of nine partners from the public and private sectors. These partners are specialists in project management, data sharing & re-use, drug development, patient engagement, communication, sustainability and regulatory/HTA interactions.

Modis provides Project Management services to NEURONET - in support of Janssen Pharmaceutica.

At Modis, we believe that - by creating a platform for efficient collaboration, communication and synergies among IMI's projects of the ND portfolio - we will contribute to the understanding of neurodegenerative diseases; leading to potential new therapeutics in this area.

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