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Niche in motion

Posted 01 October 2019

Some people know from a very young age what they want to be when they grow up. But others only really think about it later on – what are they actually going to do with that Master’s degree they just got? Should you just take the first thing that comes along? That’s exactly what Eva Boeckx (Modis) didn’t do. Meet a Business Analyst/PM, for whom one challenge just isn’t enough. And discover how you can continue to develop as a professional.

First, the introductions: Eva Boeckx has a Master’s degree in Commercial Sciences (minor in International Business). What did she want to do with this degree? As an economist, she didn’t really want to end up in accounting or auditing. At a job fair she discovered that IT might be something for her. And that there was such a thing as a business analyst. Eva started working at Modis two years ago – and that’s when the ball really started to roll.

Eva Boeckx: “I started out as a business analyst. But I soon took on the double role of analyst / PM and the ideal project came my way. I already mentioned when I applied for a job at Modis that I wanted to move into project management. My main concern was that I didn’t want to become too quickly attached to one particular company or one particular task.”

I need a lot of variation in my job, which is why I chose consultancy.

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Eva: “Within the field of IT I started out as a functional analyst. Functional analysts help the customer to find the final solution in terms of software. You investigate the complexity of the business model and the material they work with. It’s a fantastic challenge.

You analyse existing processes and translate them into the final application. This always has to fulfil the wishes and needs of the customer but also has to take into account a system’s capabilities, which you explore in consultation with the developer.”

So what’s so fascinating about that?

Eva: “I really enjoy making mock-ups: small prototypes of screens that show what the customer can expect in the final solution. These mock-ups can easily be assessed by the customer and they help guide the developer as they bring the solution to life.”

And what exactly does a business analyst do?

“You identify the customer’s processes and analyse where improvements can be made. You immerse yourself in the current situation and look for ways to create more efficiency and effectiveness. To do this, you need to communicate a lot with the customer and be transparent about solutions. After all, reviewing processes can be a sensitive matter, and the outcome might affect jobs. So you have to be a change manager, too.”

Were you aware of your leadership skills?

“I dare to take the lead, and I am reasonably assertive and proactive. IT projects are often expensive, and wrong decisions can result in a lot of money going to waste. By challenging the suppliers or critically examining the solutions, you can make a difference for the customer, for example. Personally, I like to delve into methodologies for project follow-ups. I am Agile PM Foundation certified and have also successfully completely the Prince2 Foundation training course. Thanks to these courses – and through experience – I have learned to bring clear structure to the project approach and follow-up.”

At the moment, Eva is becoming more of a ‘pure PM’.

“I’m now also involved in international projects. But I still enjoy helping the customer to find a solution. Then I see that I can use my experience to help other analysts in the analysis process.”

How does Modis help you develop?

“Thanks to Modis, not only do I get to work on successive projects that fit my own development path, but I also get the opportunity to follow training courses and call upon the network if I need support. Modis puts a lot of trust in me and they check in on me regularly. I always have the chance to feedback on time how I feel in the role and with the customer.”

What’s left on your professional bucket list?

“Quite a bit (laughs). There are still a lot of situations that I want to learn to control, technologies that I want to become familiar with, different approaches that I want to master. But with a healthy interest in IT and the business you are working in, you can stay up to date and continue to learn. If you’re motivated, of course.”

Thanks to Modis, I get to work on projects that fit my development path, but I also get the opportunity to follow training courses and call upon the network if I need support.

Niche in motion

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