Pharma New Research and Development Models

Pharma's New R&D Models

Niels De Meirleir Posted 17 September 2019

The R&D productivity challenge of Big Pharma is forcing companies to re-think how to access and nurture innovation. However, there is no single right way to get better at discovering drugs. Each firm is evolving differently, reflecting their respective leadership styles, therapeutic area priorities, culture and expertise.

These transformations are intertwined with rapid advances in digital technologies, data sources and data analytics tools.

Below you can find a summary of approaches taken by J&J, Bayer, Roche and Novartis:

  • Johnson & Johnson, Multi-Channel Externalization:
    J&J set up a series of channels for accessing outside science activities: the JLABS biotech incubators (in nine cities across North America, China and Europe), and the idea-hunting, modality-agnostic Innovation Centers (in San Francisco, Boston, London and Shanghai).
    Besides that, J&J has more traditional corporate venture investments and partnerships.

  • Bayer, Federating Innovation:
    Through its Leaps program, Bayer is investing heavily in building separate companies around transformative technologies, such as cell-based therapies, gene editing and RNA activation.

  • Roche, Data Curator:
    Roche is transforming its R&D by turning into a data curator through acquisitions and partnerships. It focuses on accessing and analysing vast volumes of data that are key to developing and delivering new, effective therapies.

  • Novartis, Digital Development:
    Novartis also spent a lot of time on data and analytics, believing this is key to transforming R&D efficiency.
    E.g.: its analytics platform, Nerve Live, gathers vast volumes of data from past and current trials, linking it to multiple daily systems used in development. It closely monitors the progress of hundreds of ongoing trials at any time across the globe, and provides predictions and insights based on trial objectives.

Source: Pharma Intelligence

Innovative technologies are transforming the way we perform research, innovate, develop and market new products, deliver care, communicate with patients and adhere to regulations. At Modis we understand your challenges. Our mission in life sciences is to help our clients improve their customers’ and patients’ quality of life.

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