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Why a Publication Manager can be an added value when producing a manuscript

Emmanuelle Ghys Posted 27 August 2019

In a fast-evolving world where scientific messages are spread rapidly through different channels, there is an imperative need to guarantee the disclosure of data that abide to high scientific and ethical standards.

Releasing scientific evidence intended to be published in international peer-reviewed journals and transforming the results from clinical trials into the disclosure of clear scientific messages that are of interest and of benefit to researchers and the public health community, can be quite challenging.

Having a dedicated publication manager in your team can be a real added value. 

A publication manager can assist by:

  • Extracting the most relevant and robust results from clinical reports;
  • Acting at the interface and ensuring a smooth collaboration between several departments/domains, including scientific writing, statistics, clinical, etc;
  • Ensuring efficient teamwork with the publication writer;
  • Compiling and discussing input from different stakeholders, among which peer reviewers;
  • Revising the content of a manuscript critically (e.g. avoiding redundancy of results that have already been published in previous manuscripts);
  • Ensuring compliance with good publication practices;
  • Improving the quality of a manuscript, e.g. by conducting a literature search to help building a strong argumentation in the discussion of a manuscript;
  • Providing expertise on different topics through the experience gained by managing publications within several projects.

At Modis, we have a dedicated team of Publication Managers - with a scientific or medical background - coordinating the development of manuscripts. We have extensive experience in producing manuscripts dealing with vaccine projects. Please feel free to reach out if you want to learn more about our expertise! 

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