The importance of content and data management

The importance of content and data management

Melissa Provenzano Posted 23 September 2019

As daily actors in the clinical, non-clinical and Rules & Regulations environment, it is key that we ensure that content & data management - or finding the most efficient way of storing electronic documents - is well performed and that its importance is clearly understood.

Healthcare data and information exchange is increasingly migrating to electronic and cloud-based solutions, and the role of traditional paper file cabinets is slowly coming to an end.

Global players in the pharma and vaccines industry have hundreds of thousands of employees contributing daily to the development of the different phases of clinical trials. Harmonizing and assuring transparent communication between support members - located in different countries - can be quite challenging.

Ensuring timely and high-quality support is key and can be done by developing a solid coordination and quality check process, supported by a strong and harmonized team, consisting of helpdesk members, business analysts, document management experts and IT project managers.

At Modis, we have a team of 14 specialists available to support our clients in content and data management. Our services range from daily user support and ticket management to understanding what users need and translating those needs to technical requirements, solution testing, proposal and validation, process development, monitoring processes, as well as ensuring an overall well-functioning of the document management system.

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