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The importance of quality in Life Sciences

Dilek Suerdem Posted 23 June 2020

Globalization, the prospect of new partnerships, increased expectations on innovative technologies, together with customers’ needs, drive companies to constantly evolve their business strategies.

Within Modis, quality is of paramount importance. We satisfy our customer needs when our products are useful and compliant to the highest standards.

The defining benchmark for quality in the business world is the customer. Analysing what customers require and responding to their needs are ways of learning how to obtain the desired quality. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly innovate while setting up our processes and tailor them ad hoc to the specific business situations.

Ensuring quality minimizes the possibility of errors and customer complaints, while granting continuity to the service we provide.

Technology is an important dynamic component in Life Sciences which synergistically supports investigators in maintaining a high level of efficiency and ensuring correct data collection, thereby fundamentally determining the quality of the scientific output. At Modis we recognize that technology plays an essential role in our service to the client. Therefore, we constantly gather new information on the latest available technologies in our endeavor to improve our business processes and scientific knowledge.

Our clients recognize the benefits of carefully managing the quality of data from their drug development and clinical trials. In fact, it is necessary that we thoroughly review these data, in order to ensure data accuracy and integrity. This is a continuous and dynamic process aimed at ensuring quality throughout the duration of a clinical study. Although expectations and requirements are set prior to the start of a clinical study (in detailed documents such as the approved clinical protocol, the data management plan etc.), they could change during the time of its development. The process requires therefore a certain degree of flexibility, which can be ensured by the presence of revising mechanisms as well as by swift and clear communication to all study investigators and support staff.

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Purpose of Quality Check

Quality Check (QC) is the process through which a business points to ensure that product quality is maintained or even improved. It is often regarded as a post-event activity that means to detect whether quality has been achieved and takes action to correct any flaws in the product.

QC fundamentally supports, among other processes, Publication writing in Pharma Division. QC reviewers evaluate the quality, accuracy and correctness of different documents (scientific articles, presentations, posters etc.) which are valuable and eventually published sources of knowledge for the medical and scientific community internationally.

At Modis, with our highly skilled employees we constantly strive to offer timely services to meet our customers’ expectations and, with our Quality Control process in place, we continuously ensure our clients the highest standards of quality.

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