The latest challenge for Biopharmaceuticals

The latest challenge for the biopharma industry: revisiting R&D operating models

Posted 18 June 2019

In an industry where product development is very lengthy due to strict regulations - while millions of patients are waiting for new treatments - the need for reduced time-to-market is high.

That is why Life Sciences companies will need to revisit their R&D Operating Models.

Both regulators and companies are therefore setting course towards increased agility. This has already resulted in a market where the product range is expanding from small molecules to a vast spectrum of biomolecular therapies and personalized medicines. 

A recent article by Berggren et al. (2018) states that the most successful pharma players will be those that are able to deploy analytical capabilities and that are implementing an R&D operating model that permits redirecting the focus on therapeutic areas, disease pathways, etc.

To implement such a model, an agile organization structure is needed, moving away from the traditional silos based on therapeutic areas and making room for more cross-functional R&D organizations. This also means reprioritizing projects and trials based on interim analyses and - as result thereof - the reshuffling of resources across projects. 

Source: R&D in the 'age of agile' - McKinsey & Company

At Modis, we also believe in agile portfolio management. With a big pool of experienced consultants at hand, we can aid pharma and biotech companies in assessing their portfolio management maturity and in setting up processes and tools for resources management. 

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