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The Value of Designing Workshops with Impact

Sofia Jacob Posted 05 October 2020

The 21st century poses numerous global health challenges, such as the urgent need to find a treatment for Alzheimer's disease to address the devastating healthcare, economic and social impacts that it has on society. Another clear example, affecting everyone's life, is the pressing need to develop a vaccine to combat the current pandemic. Complex challenges require complex solutions. To provide these, multi-stakeholder collaborations are critical.

Multi-stakeholder collaborations come in every shape and form: private-public partnerships vs. cross-departmental internal initiatives, long-term vs. short-term projects, multidisciplinary teams vs. experts in one field, multicultural vs. monocultural, just to name a few. One of the key factors to successfully execute a project is to establish a strong stakeholder engagement and alignment. Engaging and aligning stakeholders from the start will create a trustful, open, constructive environment where all voices can be heard, and potential issues can be more rapidly escalated and resolved.

Stakeholder engagement and alignment is one of the key skills we, Modis consultants, can offer to enable successful and efficient projects. Modis consultants can help teams define the best approach to solve complex problems in all project phases in which multiple and diverse stakeholders are involved. Our objective is to guide and steer teams towards a successful outcome in a collaborative manner. One of the tools we use in this context is the organization and facilitation of workshops.

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By experience, we have learned that designing, developing, and organizing efficient and effective workshops is one of the key tools when it comes to successful stakeholder engagement and alignment. We apply a clear methodology where we do not only focus on the format, but also on the content. We use the workshop space to drive the culture of transparent communications where stakeholders can openly engage and align at different stages of a project by providing a clear focus, with tangible outcomes. For instance, during the pre-execution phase of a project, an ideation workshop can be used to bring innovative ideas to the project. While a reflection workshop is an excellent opportunity to discuss lessons learned when closing a project and designing a sustainability plan.

Our efforts to constantly explore innovative methodologies during our internal workshops, to extract best practices and to implement those with our clients, has proven to be effective. As an example, two colleagues working on conect4children, an Innovative Medicine Initiative funded project, organized and facilitated a virtual workshop to discuss the development of a sustainable business model with a very successful outcome. With this and many other examples, we have proven to quickly adapt to the current online working environment, where we make the best use of virtual tools to keep conversations interactives and obtain effective outcomes.


At Modis, we share our passion for science and public health with our clients and we work hard to execute successful projects that have an impact on society.

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