Seven Future Trends in Project Management

Trends in Project Management

Elise Verplancke Posted 26 November 2019

Industries are changing at a fast pace, which also impacts the way project managers are working. That is why it is so important that project management organizations adapt quickly and look ahead of trends.

Let's take a look at some of the main trends:

  • A first big trend is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is used already in project management: just think about the automation of daily tasks, that can be used for decision making. AI can provide real time data and project status updates through data visualisation. This can help teams to discuss the status of a project and allows to make informed decisions on project duration, cost and the path forward.
  • A second trend is working in virtual project teams. In order to be successful as a virtual team, the digital tools and software need to be available to establish a good relationship between the different team members, often spread around the world, and to manage the communication strategy.
  • A last trend is the change of project management methodologies. A well known methodology is AGILE. The strength of agile is that it creates more added value without increasing the workload. The focus is to work smarter instead of more. 

Source: Seven Future Trends in Project Management - LiquidPlanner

At Modis, we have a dedicated team of PMI-certified project managers. They regularly share knowledge and experiences. This allows us to adapt quickly to changes and to implement the latest project management methodologies at our clients.

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