IT & Supply Chain: This is how to explore all corners of your field

IT & Supply Chain: This is how to explore all corners of your field

Posted 01 October 2019

It’s good to specialise and it can prove extremely productive. But is that a reason to stay in the same corner for the rest of your life? If you ask Suleiman Mughal, absolutely not! Specialising broadens your spectrum. His great (professional) passion is to optimise the supply chain network using modern technology. Over the past 15 years, he has explored every inch of this area. His story is a good example of how you, as a professional, can simultaneously specialise and still forge a versatile career which embraces all your talents. Got you thinking? Good!

In May 2017, Suleiman Mughal started as a Supply Chain Analyst at a major pharmaceutical company for Modis. Today, he is a Supply Chain Project Planner and coordinates stakeholders all over the world to harmonise the supply chain from the external production units. Quite the strategic role.

How do you introduce yourself?

Suleiman: “As an IT professional with more than 15 years of experience in optimising supply chain processes and systems for the pharmaceutical and life science industries.”

How do you explain to lay people what you do exactly – and what’s interesting about it?

“The supply chain is a crucial factor for the competitiveness of companies. How can you, as a group of companies, use the same supply chain to achieve better performance and create more value for the end customer? That’s the main challenge.

In order to improve performance, information technology plays a key role. IT has brought about considerable advances in supply chain management in recent years. Personally, I use the latest technologies, modern methods and efficient decision-making processes.

For example, thanks to advanced tools, we can carry out a predictive analysis of production and distribution planning. We can also forecast and organise demand better. I was recently closely involved in the development and implementation of ‘real-time’ supply chain insights. We used a combination of big data, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Advanced Planning Optimisation (APO) and data warehouses – own data stored by the company.”

Is this a field you want to learn more about?

“I have already sampled almost every aspect of the E2E (End-to-End) supply chain network, including its underlying mechanisms and organisational benefits (laughs). Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure of getting to know and optimise the systems of dynamic departments such as logistics, purchasing, production, warehousing, sales, marketing, quality assurance and consumer relations.

What other goals have you set yourself?

“The use of Artificial Intelligence in the supply chain network is still on my to-do list. In other words, I want to apply the latest AI technology in Supply Chain. I already have some useful ideas to increase the efficiency of the E2E supply chain network, to grow the organisation and to promote sustainability.”

And what about your personal development?

"At Modis, I also have the chance to develop my soft skills as well. For example, I work on my communication skills so that I can interact as well as possible with all the parties involved within Supply Chain. I also follow online courses on emotional intelligence.”

What do you still have left to do on your bucket list?

“I want to be the trendsetter of a new concept of XGen Supply Chain & Logistics revolution using AI (Industry 4.0+, the 4th Industrial Revolution). Sounds impressive, but this is simply a more sophisticated, efficient, reliable and error-free machine-dependent supply chain management system.”

I have already sampled almost every aspect of the E2E (End-to-End) supply chain network, including its underlying mechanisms and organisational benefits.

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