Healthy aging start-up reaches first-year funding goals

Healthy aging start-up reaches first-year funding goals – with the help of Modis

Funding and grant management Posted 07 May 2019

Client core business

Rejuvenate Biomed is involved in research and treatment development in the domain of healthy aging. Their business goal is to develop medicines that act on age-related processes in the human body, increasing cell resilience and postponing – or eliminating – age-related disease.

How Modis added value

The client sought non-dilutive funding to complement other financing options. We developed a tailored grant strategy for them, successfully achieving approval for a 0.5 million-euro research grant through the Flemish grant scheme VLAIO within the first year. Moving forward, we aim to help the client apply for additional VLAIO and EU grants.

Our passion for developing drugs that delay the onset of age-related diseases, combined with the grant-writing skills of Modis, led to a successful application. Taking these first steps towards achieving our dream was only possible through our intense, respectful collaboration. Modis not only guides us through application requirement hurdles but also supported us with their hands-on approach.