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Strategic Operation Manager

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The Strategic Operations Manager is responsible for:

• Manager of Order-To-Cash (OTC), Demand Planning (DP) & Tender employees

• Coach for all these employees

• Operates and demonstrates effective Ways Of Working (WOW)

• Organizes workload, define priorities across the 3 pillars (OTC, DP, Tendering)

• Organizes deliverables and empower employees for tasks/actions

• Manages all HR aspects of team

• Reviews, controls and approves activities (incl those as per Grant Of Authorities levels)

• Leads and monitors compliance within the team

Function information

Manages the 3 pillars of responsibilities:

1. Order-to-cash (OTC):

• Guides, organizes and supervises work ensuring a high customer service quality level towards hospitals & wholesalers

• Secure answer or referral to responsible person the incoming questions from all customers.

• Ensure coordination between all teams involved with customer (in Prague, local OTC, business, finance)

• Ensure flawless execution and integrated customer support.

• Monitors customer service level agreements and KPIs with the BSC management and customer service team.

• Overviews the YER settlement for sales offer & contracts, and timely discount payments to customers

• Coordinates and control all price maintenance

• Give input on company's sales conditions for contracting, tendering and legal framework

• Evaluate compensation requests coming from customer and coordinated credit note process.

2. Demand Planning (DP):

• Guides, organizes and supervises work ensuring accurate and timely demand forecast

• Secures understanding and information sharing across broad organization on product supply and availabilities

• Monitors supply chain level and KPIs and secures monthly meeting with MT

• Monitors the distribution process and D&L (distribution & logistics) activities and act upon backlog situations.

3. Tendering:

• Develop a national strategy for public tenders in close collaboration with the Hospital Leads

• Manage bids, tenders and contracts in BeLux.

• Provide input and support to the Hospital Leads and KAM in reaching their business objectives at hospital level by: data analysis, recommendations on sales conditions, content for contracting, supply management, legal framework, practical matters on supply and payment conditions, communication with hospital pharmacist, gathering of internal input and data.

• Help monitoring the tendering landscape and collaborate in defining the tender strategy, shapes the tendering environment

• Liaise with the Global/regional teams and LT on public tendering strategy and tactics

• Manage the framework for pre-tender, tender, and post-tender oversight and management and balancing global strategic direction and oversight with support for local execution and insight

• Prioritize tenders and contracts based on customer centricity and ICE principles

• Manage the development and execution of the tender management by seeking and integrating feedback from internal stakeholders. Coordinating and communicating all questions in the tender requests and setting internal deadlines.

• Secure that the tender databases are regularly maintained, and accurately monitored and that key information is cascaded to the business teams.

• Actively collect competitive information from all new contracts. Share with the relevant internal stakeholders. Information should at least include pricelists and evaluation sheets.

• Drive tender while ensuring compliance with global and local rules.


• Monitor effectiveness of current distribution channel against market needs and signal out discrepancies to service providers like D&L, DHL, Procurement

• Collaborate with these service providers to achieve distribution model accepted by business and its customers.

• Support the business with analytics and reports (on sales, discounting, distribution and logistics etc… ) and provide input for the customer accounts plans.


• Leads & coordinates all compliance efforts within the team

• Monitors and coordinates the controls and processes applicable to the team

• Leads and organize the Pulse work and deliverables

• Keeps informed of relevant compliance policies including interactions policy – especially interaction with third parties and interaction with government officials …


• Several years of experience in healthcare industry or national healthcare authorities

• Experience in a tender/Key account management or related role

• Understanding of the public tender and healthcare access processes and the healthcare industry, hospital financing, KAM, hospital decision making, including the legal framework

• Experience in customer facing or customer service role

• Demonstrated competence in business process improvement

• Language skills: business proficient in English, Dutch, French

• Strategic Skills

o Strong strategic thinker with demonstrated ability to conceptualize and communicate to internal stakeholders

o Ability to understand and distill complex information on tenders into understandable concepts and language.

o Competence in developing and analyzing stakeholder feedback.

• Leadership and Influencing Skills

• Experienced people manager

• Ability to coach and collaborate with management and non-direct reports on sound and timely tender management, and to work well with all levels and functions in an organization.

• Strong facilitation and negotiation skills - must be able to effectively influence external and internal stakeholders with conflicting points of view.

• Ability to manage a matrix environment and to exert influence without hard-line authority.


For this position we are open for consultants (CDI at Modis) or Freelancers.

Project length: 6 months (but could be extended)

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