Meet Boris:  Our Plovdiv Site Manager

Posted 25 November 2019

It’s time to meet one of the key people, who made our new Plovdiv home possible – Boris Sarabeev. He is Modis’ Site Manager in Plovdiv and he was recently interviewed by a big local news media: We are sharing part of it.

Boris, what was the key element in your decision to choose Plovdiv as a second location in Bulgaria?

Plovdiv has the potential required to do any type of business ­­– and outsourcing is no exception. The city’s key strengths include great geolocation, expanding business environment, growing economic performance and direct access to educational and training institutions that we actively partner with. Through those partnerships we are able to find and excel the best young talent in the area.

How does Modis stand out as an employer from all other outsourcing companies?

Modis cares not only about business, but about people as well. We do a variety of language and technical trainings internally in order to ensure the personal and professional development on Modis employees. That benefits everyone: Modis, our teams and our clients, of course. We strive to ensure our agility to promptly adapt to the ever-changing business environment.

Is Modis currently hiring? What are your plans for 2020?

In 2019, we successfully launched new projects by hiring 50 new people. In the next few years, we are keeping our focus on Modis’ business development, which is tied directly to increasing our workforce and expanding our portfolio of available services.

Was it easy to find a new office location?

It is never an easy job to do, as the decision-making process includes a vast amount of complex research and analysis. Some important criteria to consider are the location’s connectivity to local infrastructure, the development potential of the entire region as well as the ability to create a contemporary office space which enables communication, comfort and productivity. Thankfully, we found the best fit to our business philosophy with our partners from ILI Office Center.

How does Bulgaria compare to other European countries that specialize in outsourcing services?

Bulgaria has been a leading outsourcing services provider for many years. A key advantage is the people – Bulgarians easily and eagerly learn new languages, and bond well with the foreign citizens who work in the country. They also have access to education services which are on par with those offered in other places in Europe. All that, combined with creative thinking and great adaptability, keeps Bulgaria’s leadership position in the outsourcing industry.

In 2019, Modis Bulgaria received several important recognitions – both locally and abroad. Would you mind telling us more about them?

This year, we had the incredible honor to receive many acknowledgments for our work, including:

  • ‘Company of the Year’ - Gold trophy by Stevie International Business Award 
  • ‘Outsourcing Service Provider of the Year 2019’ Award by the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association and BASSCOM
  • ‘Best Employee Benefit Program’ Award from the Career Show Awards

We are proud by these achievements as they are the result from years of very hard work by everyone at Modis Bulgaria. All those awards encourage us to continue making a huge effort to provide the best services both to our clients and our employees. We believe that in order for us to succeed as a business, we need to keep extremely good care of our colleagues – and this does not only include giving them a variety of benefits and bonuses, but to also offer them a chance to grow thanks to our internal academies and established career paths.

You can read the full interview in Bulgarian here.