Meet Hristo: The German-Bulgarian Goalball Champion In Our Plovdiv Team

Posted 06 November 2019

Meet Hristo Dimov– one of our newest Plovdiv members and a true inspiration to our team. He works as a Level 1 Agent in Modis Bulgaria. Also, he has an incredible story that’s worth sharing with the world. Let’s dive in!

Welcome, Hristo! Could you please tell us more about yourself?

I was born in Bulgaria, but grew up in Nurnberg, Germany. When I was a baby I was diagnosed with visual impairment. My parents decided to move to my father’s family, who are German, in order to provide better education and medical care that were suitable for a kid like me.

I graduated from the only German high school for the visually challenged. Interestingly, it houses the Paralympic goalball headquarters. Goalball is a sport created for and played by visually impaired people.

That is why I was part of Germany’s National Goalball team. During my time there we won the World junior championship in USA, as well as the European championship in Italy 2 years ago. After graduating, I worked at the Federal employment agency for a year before starting my bachelor’s degree in Psychology. But apparently life had something different in store for me.

Why did you move back to Bulgaria?

I have been wanting to do that ever since I was a kid, but I never had a clear plan on how to make it all work. Shortly after starting my university degree, my parents and I decided to spend the Christmas holidays with my grandparents in Stara Zagora. I quickly realized I am going to spend a long time there. My parents got back to Germany, while I decided to make my childhood come true and try to build a life here. I stayed in Stara Zagora and got involved in a variety of NGO activities that took me to different parts in Europe and helped me meet various incredible young people.

A few months later, I saw an online job posting from Modis for a vacant position in Plovdiv. I applied and everything after that happened quickly, easily, and naturally.

Why did you choose Modis? What’s your experience with us?

Modis is an international company that gives you access to an infinite number of opportunities – both in terms of career development and forming intercultural relationships with people from all around the world.

Even though we are based in Bulgaria we strongly protect and enforce the global standards regarding employer-employee relationships, work ethic, corporate benefits, etc.

My first few days were challenging, as any new beginning is. But it was my amazing colleagues that instantly made me feel part of the team. The working atmosphere here is so much better than what you would find in most German companies. The Bulgarians try to build a personal connection with each other and strongly encourage the whole team to go out together during lunch breaks or afterhours. The Germans, on the other hand, neglect this almost as if they are bigger introverts than most nations.

It is incredible how people here make time for each other and display a stronger need to build relationships and feel as part of the team. This gives everybody the opportunity to grow professionally, despite the other problems our society faces.

It really seems like working for an international company like Modis is a great fit for an international person like you. But how does life in Plovdiv work out for you?

The first time I visited Plovdiv was for my interview at Modis. I was not nervous at all. It was quite the opposite. I felt no pressure, I was so chill, almost as if I had the whole time in this world. Probably, I instantly got a strong hold of the vibe and feel the city gives off.

Plovdiv is quite beautiful and full of history. It reminds me of the old German towns. My favorite part of it is Kapana. You can usually find me there on the weekends.

What is the best lesson in life you’ve learned so far?

In my experience, the best things in life quite often happen unintentionally.

Do you have a mission? What is it?

I want to be a good example for other like me. I aspire to show that if you really put an effort, you can find success and happiness anywhere you go – whether it is Bulgaria or some other country. Your life is up to you and circumstances are never an excuse.