RPA in Action - MIA Lab Automates Business Processes at Modis Bulgaria

Posted 11 August 2019

The solution for automatic ticket processing developed by the Modis Innovation & Automation Lab allows for faster and easier handling of client requests and saves time and effort to the specialists performing the activity. Among the features of the solution are high-quality translation and automatic forwarding to the respective group responsible for the process implementation. 

It is vital for each and every business to find means to grow, improve efficiency levels and be flexible when developing and providing products and services. Among the top 10 challenges for developing companies in 2019 are the integration of new technologies, innovation and customer service improvement. Users have never been more informed and have never had higher requirements when being supported by a company. How do businesses respond?

Robotics Process Automation

RPA is among the fastest-growing industries worldwide due to the solution it provides to some of the major problems faced by large businesses. The process automation via software eliminates the need for some frequently repetitive tasks to be handled manually, thus allowing employees to focus on activities that have higher value and importance. Gartner reports that by the end of 2020 around 40% of large businesses will have integrated RPA software which will be optimizing the workflow within the company. In some industries the percentage of companies that have already implemented RPA is even higher.

RPA in practice<: MIA Lab fully automates the processing of tickets received by email

By aiming to provide services with higher quality and optimization of the business process, the Modis Bulgaria team looked for opportunities for higher productivity and effectiveness. The Modis business is related to delivering Managed Services and Solutions, IT Service Desk and Data Center support, support and maintenance of end-user devices, development of applications and solutions for outsourcing of business processes. It turns out that RPA has the potential to satisfy many of the needs of such types of business. That is why in 2017 the Modis Bulgaria team launched the Modis Innovation & Automation Lab – a project aiming at developing innovative solutions for automation of tasks, performed by employees.

The Challenge

The majority of the Modis team works with end users from multinational companies that send their tickets and requests in different languages. In each and every case, an employee has to translate the given email in English, which is the official language within the company. With the large number of incoming reported issues and requests, the manual handling of such tasks could slow down and complicate the support provided to end users. Here is where the MIA Lab needs to be involved

The Solution

The MIA Lab team integrated several solutions that work together to automate the translation of incoming tickets and the processing of requests from end users. Once a request is logged in the system it takes only 2 seconds for the email to get translated with high quality and accuracy in English. Then another solution verifies whether the request could be automatically sent to the respective team for processing.  

The Benefits

The solutions developed save employees time and effort in the performance of repetitive tasks which increases their productivity and lowers the time required to provide service to clients. 

Modis Bulgaria relies on many other RPA solutions developed by the MIA Lab which ensure greater efficiency for the business and bring higher value to clients of the company. 

Thanks to this solution we managed to save our colleagues 8 minutes on average for every ticket we receive. Statistics show not only faster but even higher-quality service provided because our specialists spend more time on tasks with higher value for our clients. The MIA Lab team already has more than 20 similar projects accomplished and for the past year we managed to integrate solutions which perform the job of 13 people in total. We are planning the expansion of the team this year due to the higher interest of Modis clients in our RPA solutions.

Ivan Baev, Director SOW and New Offerings in Modis Bulgaria and one of the founders of the MIA LabTweet this

More about the MIA Lab:

MIA Lab is an internal initiative by Modis Bulgaria. It was created in 2017 to support employees with technical skills and interests to work on their own solutions and innovative ideas for automation of different processes. The company provides resources and office space to those who are willing to develop their own projects. As of today, there have been over 20 solutions developed and integrated to limit the number of repetitive tasks, increase workload capacity, save time and help identifying the potential problems and opportunities for optimization.