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Python Cloud Developer

Ref: CA_EN_6_919740_1337543

Posted on 07 May 2020
Toronto, Ontario
Contract Type

Python Cloud Developer

Duration:  12 months

Location:  Downtown Toronto

A unique opportunity to assist in the building of private cloud-based, scalable services system which enables investment managers to better leverage Python for research, risk and analytics.  This will enable the company to extend its data entitlement capabilities to better enable Python within private cloud-based environments (leveraging Open Policy Agent)


  • Create a custom Oauth/OID authenticator in JupyterHub (Python)
  • Add IDP widget in JupyterHub (JavaScript and Python)
  • Investigate change from implicit grant type to authorization code grant type + PKCE in JupyterHub widget (JavaScript and Python)
  • Create a custom claim enrichment component (python) leveraging OPA (Open Policy Agent) 
  • Assist integration with Apigee (API Gateway)
  • Create policies in Rego language
  • Design and implement OPA deployment solution
  • Design and implement policy distribution solution/pipeline (e.g. github, Jenkins, artifactory etc.)
  • Design and implement policy storage and caching solution
  • Design and implement OPA integration with external systems (e.g. AD)
  • Design and implement policy validation solution (e.g. IDE, TDD based test cases)
  • Design and implement policy governance process
  • Documentation and training
  • Required Skills:

  • Python, JavaScript, oAuth / OIDC, REST API, Containers
  • Nice to Have:

  • Prior experience with AD, Docker, Kubernetes/Openshift, Jupyter Notebook, Cloud-native development, DevOps CI/CD tooling, Apigee or other API gateways, Rego
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