Find the latest detailed and comprehensive IT job descriptions all right here.

The advent of new technologies has changed the makeup of the IT industry- and the workforce that supports them. New roles have emerged, old ones have faded away and some have blended together to reflect the convergence of technology itself.

Even for the most experienced IT business leaders, keeping track of all the professionals that comprise today’s tech departments can be a challenge, and understanding the specific talents required of each different employee can be downright impossible.

Our detailed IT job descriptions help make it a little easier by breaking down the specific skills and experience requirements of hundreds of positions. They also detail day-to-day responsibilities and expectations. So whether you're looking to evaluate someone for a promotion or to fill in some skills gaps with new employees, you can find the job descriptions you need to power up your team.

IT/Technology Job Descriptions By Category

Agile >

Software development should be able to adjust to rapidly changing business needs, and these professionals make sure that’s the case.

Analysis >

These experts use their knowledge to evaluate existing applications, data, hardware and other systems in order to recommend enhancements.

Database Development, Administration & Business Intelligence >

Data drives intelligent business decisions, and these employees know how to store it, manage it, interpret it and apply it.

Enterprise Systems Analysis & Integration >

Companies have made huge investments in enterprise systems, and these professionals help those investments pay off.

Health IT >

The HiTech Act, ICD-10/11 requirements and the growing reliance on Electronic Health Records demands professionals with expertise that encompasses both IT and healthcare. For providers and payers alike, these professionals deliver.

Management & Project Management >

IT is fast paced. Using project management skills, these individuals help their teams keep up.

Mobile Development >

Stay connected and productive on-the-go with the apps and software these developers create.

Network/System Design & Administration >

Your internal and external customers expect their experience on your network to be seamless. Professionals in this sector, relying on knowledge of GIS, Java, .Net and other techniques, make it happen.

Programming/Software Engineering >

Using their impressive technical skill sets, these experts design, develop and maintain software.

Security >

Your intellectual property is valuable, and so is the consumer data you store. Protect it with the right experts.

Technical Support >

Your systems, hardware and software can only provide value when it is working and fully functional. Technical Support professionals make sure it always is.

Technical Writing >

IT is a language all its own. These experts help interpret it, record it and translate it into business terms for your business’ leaders.

Web Development & Administration >

From content to design to UX, these pros can keep your web presence current and engagement.