Modis Canada Government Case Studies

Canadian Government Turns to Modis for ACP Reporting Services.


For a department of the government of Canada, Modis provided BI Administration and Development expertise with Cognos Series 7.3 and Cognos 8.4 for the Automated Claim Process system. The technical environment of the project consisted of Oracle 9i, SQL Server 2005, Solaris, Cognos Series 7.3, and Cognos 8.4. Modis was responsible for:

  • Building complex Cognos reports using Report Studio to support ACP functions
  • Working with business users while gathering requirements, analyzing data and supporting existing reporting solutions
  • Creating and maintaining Cognos packages in Framework Manager
  • Designing production rollout process for Cognos applications
  • Promoting packages to production using Import/Export utility
  • Creating and maintaining Cognos jobs
  • Creating, refreshing and supporting Cognos Transformer models and cubes to support timely sales operations
  • Cognos administrative functions such as creating user accounts, user classes and roles using Access Manager
  • Designing, developing, testing, supporting and maintaining production OLAP cubes using Oracle 9i, Toad, VB/SQL scripts, flat files, Visual SourceSafe, Cognos tools
  • Data Mapping, Dimensional Modelling, Extract/Transform/Load
  • Developing, testing Cognos reports, catalogues and power play cubes
  • Providing support to Business Intelligence (BI) developers

Canada Government Organization turns to Modis for Business Intelligence Services.


Modis provided business intelligence data architecture expertise to review our client’s existing documentation of their current data model and reviewed the chosen direction for a “to be” state for the database/data warehouse and IBI tool set implementation. Modis was the prime lead on the team that implemented Phases II and III of the project.

Phase II included a detailed analysis and design for the BI solution including the specifications for the data cleansing rules, data aggregation (data mart models) and business decisions around semantic business terminology from the option selected at the end of Phase I.

Phase III oversaw the implementation of set of Business Intelligence tools which enabled generation of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) programs (to load the data marts), and the creation of both canned and multidimensional analytical reports for ad hoc reporting and further end-user analysis. A publishing and distribution reporting environment was implemented for end users ease of report accessibility. Modis provided the following services:

  • Developing an end-to-end understanding of the current data structures
  • Developing a logical design that translates into one or more physical databases (or data marts) to resolve existing data issues
  • Proposing how the data would flow through the stages involved
  • Proposing a methodology to deal with issues of Data Migration (Validation, Clean-up and Mapping)
  • Following industry best practices for data storage and consolidation
  • Rebuilding the existing data environment to consolidate data into a series of data marts, applying ETL to normalize data, building multidimensional cube’ analytical reports using provided tools (Oracle databases, IBI suite)
  • Assisting in the development of cost and effort estimates to implement the revised data/reporting  environment.