Modis Telecommunications Case Studies

Modis drives projects to assist a merger between two major wireless networks.

This Fortune 100 company is one of the largest wireless companies in the country, with millions of subscribers. This client merged with another key player in the wireless communications industry and began numerous projects to assimilate the two businesses. Modis has managed multiple projects spurred by this merger.

The project developers worked with the client’s key application development teams to deliver the code as defined in the detailed functional specifications. This project migrated the legacy data from the newly acquired partner into the client’s existing application. It also involved developing programs to automate the loading process and work through issues during  the loading process.

The client also awarded Modis a contract to replace other major competitors’ consultants with our own. This project with the client and a third-party software vendor was to deploy a CRM Application to more than 20 call centre sites nationally.

Modis consultants deploy critically needed third-party CRM application for client nationwide.

This client contracted with another IT consultant provider to deploy customer relationship management (CRM) software to more than 20 call centre sites nationally. The client called on Modis to complete the installation when they decided to replace the consultants supplied by their original provider. Our consultants were responsible for Tier 3 escalation support and for successfully deploying multiple versions of the CRM application. Other projects Modis consultants assisted this client with include:

  • Providing several project developers responsible for working with an application development team to deliver the code as defined in the detailed functional specifications for billing conversions to migrate legacy data from a newly-acquired company into the client’s existing system.
  • Providing several quality assurance analysts who had specific experience with UNIX, SQL, quality control/testing methodology and cellular billing applications. Tasks for our analysts included executing command-level UNIX and shell scripts with troubleshooting, providing manual testing for specific retail and billing applications and set up unique environments.

Modis optimizes telecom vendor management and increases efficiency, ending management strain.

This global business and residential communications company operates in more than 65 countries. The company boasts one of the world’s largest global IP backbones and wholly owned data networks.

The client had an approved list of nearly two dozen vendors to fulfill their IT staffing needs. However, due to field managers’ lack of knowledge of this list, many hired hundreds more vendors on an ad hoc. All vendors had separate billing procedures, invoices and bill rates for their consultants. The result was a quagmire of paperwork causing the company to lose time and money. To alleviate this problem, Modis proposed a solution and became the primary contact for the client’s contracts with non-preferred vendors. Modis was not an exclusive provider, had a substantial portion of the volume of non-preferred vendors.

Modis also created and maintained a vendor-centric website that provided details on new company opportunities throughout the world. The program gave the client control of their vendor list, which allowed them to ensure vendors met their quality guidelines and billing rates. The number of invoices greatly decreased, and as a result, payment time dropped significantly.